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EZ Adjust Bed Rail

Keeps you Safe in Bed

“I fall out of bed frequently and need a bed rail. My searches online were able to find Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail. I now have confidence that I am safe in bed as the railing extends from my upper body to my knees. The railing flips down and out of the way for ease of making the bed. This has been one of the best choices I’ve made for being confined to a wheelchair.”


Excellent Safety Features

“I work in the home care industry as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Thus, have already had the opportunity to utilize the bed rail and your other products. All with excellent reviews from former patients and family members. I purchased the bed rail last week and the product has already given my Mom the priceless gift of peace of mind. Least to say I have found that comforting thought, and observation of her use has given me peace of mind as well.”


Absolutely Amazing

“I bought this because things were causing me problems in bed. I did some searching and checking reviews and cost. My wife’s peace of mind was a priority so I went for this unit. I am so glad I did. It was easy to put together and had everything needed to do so. After looking over the things they make, I see there are several products that I am adding to my shopping list from Stander. Excellent products and great warranty. Looking forward to more.”

-Stroke man

Highly Recommend this Product!

“The EZ Adjust Bed Rail was a “must-have” recommendation to me and I will pass along that recommendation to others. My husband has recently developed mobility and stability issues and this bed rail has helped him both to pull himself up and to stabilize himself safely while sitting on the side of the bed. It was easy to install and is very well constructed. So thankful to have tools like this to help make caring for him easier and safer.”

-A grateful caregiver

This Product is a Godsend!

“My mother had a stroke 5 years ago and since then she has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Dementia/Alzheimers. Her short term memory is horrible and we tell her not to get up out of bed without any help from us. After some research I decided to get a bed rail. The product reviews were pretty good. Looked at any info I could find. I purchased this adjustable bed rail. She even loves it and she can not get out of bed without our help now. We love this product!! Thank you.”


Saved me a lot of Sleepless Nights

“I bought this product for my Dad He was falling out of bed, but since purchasing the EZ Adjust Bed Rail, he hasn’t fallen out once. I would recommend this product to anyone, it really does work. No more sleepless nights for us!”


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30″ Safety Bed Rail

Simple and Efficient

“The directions made the challenge of putting together this product VERY EASY! I think this is a superior product, especially compared to the ‘bed bumpers’ I was using at the Rehab facility. This is a simple, but very efficient and easy to use product and I would recommend it to anyone needing a safety rail for their bed.”


Any Grandparent Deserves Independence

“I have now aquired 2 bed rails for each of my grandparents. These bedrails are the most durable, trusted, convenient, & safe. No other bed rail stands up to Stander bed rails. Not only am I sure Stander bed rails will support and keep my grandparents safe, getting in and out of bed, I know that it also gives them back a little more of their Independence.”


We both get a Night’s Sleep

“I purchased this bed rail for my husband who has dementia. Without the rail he would get out of bed in the middle of the night wandering around the house trying to find his way back to his bed. Now we both get a good night’s sleep. Since he can’t get out of bed, he just rolls over and goes back to sleep and I have piece of mind a get a good night’s sleep, knowing that he is safe in bed.”


Definitely Recommend This

“The bed rail is so easy to assemble and install on the bed, they provide all the tools necessary to assemble the bed rail…the button to extend the rail is very easy to push and adjust it out, and easy to pull the rail down to get off the bed, I feel more comfortable for my 90 year old grandma to sleep comfortably in her bed without falling. I am very satisfied with this product.”


For Peace of Mind

“I bought this product for my 82 year old mother after she told me she had fallen out of bed in her sleep. Luckily, no injuries, but I was not willing to let it happen again. Mom likes having something to hold on to when she is stepping into bed, and I feel better knowing she is safely in bed. The rail is very sturdy.”


Helps in so many Ways

“I have the fold down bed rail. It has helped me in so many ways-I now have something to grab to help me move over in my bed; feel safe as I have something to rest my back on; anytime I need to reposition myself in bed it’s there for me and lastly it folds down so I can make my bed up daily.”


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Couldn’t be More Perfect for our Needs

“We just received this bed cane for my Mother. From the first use, we could see it was exactly what she needed. It gives her more confidence with transfers into the bed, and also has little pockets in which she can keep her phone, tissues, etc. We’re already scouring the Stander website to see what other products will be of use to her! Thank you Stander, for the solid product and outstanding design!”


Life Changer

“I’ve been re-injuring myself over and over again trying to get out of bed in the mornings. Last night was my first night with the Bed Cane and I was able to easily get up to go to the restroom during the night, and this morning without aggravating the muscle injury. Starting the day without excruciating pain has already made a difference and I look forward to how much impact this product has on my life.”

Highly Recommend

“After having multiple back surgeries and then having a recent fall and breaking my humerus, I had been sleeping in a recliner until my daughter found this on-line. It has truly helped me to be more independent in living as I can now sleep in my own bed and rest better. When I need to get up, I no longer have to reply of people to help me get up as I an do it myself.”


Impossible without the BedCane

“I just had a knee revision surgery and knew the difficulties I would be facing. I was very excited when I saw the Bed Cane, because the last time I had a very difficult time getting in and out of bed. With the Bed Cane, I could easily pull myself up while swinging that leg onto the bed. It is now much easier to sit up while sliding my leg across the bed to get up.”


Wish I had it Sooner

“I recently moved in with my son and daughter-in-law. When they saw how I struggled to get in and out of bed we decided to purchase the bed cane. They felt it would be much safer for me. They were right! It’s SO much easier for me to get up and down. I feel much safer. My only regret is I didn’t get one sooner! I would highly recommend the Bed Cane to anyone who can use a little assistance getting in and out of bed.”

Made an Instant Impact

“I am now able to get into and out of bed myself. My daughter felt a hospital bed would solve the problem; however, while purchasing a bedside commode my oldest daughter found this. It was very easy to install and I instantly could get in and out of bed without assist. At times I needed very minimal help with my legs to get into bed. Within days I needed no help at all.”


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Advantage Traveler

Best Product!

“I had been looking online for the perfect solution to help my mom in and out of bed — and this is it! It also helps her feel safe when she’s actually in bed, and the pouch holds her phone and other necessities so she knows exactly where they are at all times.”

-Careful Caretaker

High Quality and Designed for Safety

“I purchased this item for my mother who has RA. The bed rail is high quality and designed for function and safety. The handle area is foam making the grip easy for a small hand and comfortable for hands with arthritis challenges. It is very stable allowing her to get into and out of bed safely and also has enough coverage to help prevent slipping from the bed. I would recommend this product.”

I Sleep Better!

“We purchased this for my 85 year old mother after she had fallen out of bed and moved in with us. The first few nights I slept very poorly because I was worried she would fall out of bed again. I slept soundly after installing this. My mother took a few days to get used to using this but now she loves the added assistance that it provides her when getting in or out of bed.”

Best Product!

“I had been looking online for the perfect solution to help my mom in and out of bed — and this is it! It also helps her feel safe when she’s actually in bed, and the pouch holds her phone and other necessities so she knows exactly where they are at all times.”

-Careful Caretaker

Perfect for Travel

“My husband needs a bed rail to get in/out of bed, and to hold onto while getting dressed. We have been traveling with the one on our bed at home, which is large and cumbersome to get in/out of the car and into a hotel room. This Stander product is fantastic… now we keep it folded in the car at all times, ready to go!”

My New Travel Companion

“I have come to depend upon my at-home bed cane so much that I searched for a travel model. This was perfect. It fits in the bottom of a medium-sized suitcase folded up; or for road trips — put it in a large canvas-type-tote bag, put in your car’s trunk and carry to your hotel room.”

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Mobility Rail

Exactly what I was Looking for!

“I have had the unpleasant experience of falling out of bed several times in the last year. Apparently I like to run in my sleep. I was looking for a product that would give me peace of mind so I could finally get a good nights sleep again. This bed is exactly what I was looking for. The extendable length gives me the feeling of safety that I was looking for and the ease of use for extending and retracting it is comforting. I would highly recommend this product.”


Good Buy

“I bought this for my 91-year-old mother, who rolled out of bed while sleeping the other day. This not only keeps her safe in bed, but helps her get in and out more easily. And it was easy to assemble and install. Would recommend it for anyone with elderly parents!”

-Mom’s Caregiver

Confidence Restored!

“After my 92 year old mother fell out of bed and broke her shoulder, she was reluctant to get back in the bed. She spent months sleeping in a recliner, until we got her the Mobility Rail. It has given her the confidence to get back in her own bed, and she feels safe and comfortable. She can get herself comfortably in and out of the bed, and she loves the swing out arm for added stability. Would definitely recommend this product.”

Excellent Addition for the Bed

“I gave this product an excellent rating because of the convenience and security it provides my wife getting in and out of bed. I recommended the Mobility Rail to my sister and she bought one too. What I like the best is that it is not a long rail. It is just the right size for an assist.”


Peace of Mind at Night

“I purchased the Stander Mobility Bedrail with swing out bar for my Dad. He had fallen a few times getting out of bed at night to go to the bathroom. The space between the side of his bed and the wall was not wide enough to keep his walker there and he just needed something sturdy to use to pull up from bed and hold onto until he was sure he had his feet under him. He says it helps him a great deal and he really likes it! I have peace of mind and he has not fallen since we installed it.”

-Grateful Daughter

Couldn’t get out of Bed without it!

“My mother said this is the best thing I have ever bought her. She wouldn’t be able to get out of bed without it. I bought it for her when she had foot surgery at 75. She says it helps her turn over, pull herself up in the bed, but it is best for helping her pull herself up to a sitting position, then the pivoting handle provides a stable grip to a standing position.”

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EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator

Lightweight,  Durable, Works Great

“I started with mobility issues almost a year ago and this walker has literally been a life-saver! I love that it is lightweight and foldable. I can easily get this in and out of my car. Well Built and Durable with heavy duty wheels. I also like that there is a place to hold stuff like my purse or other misc. items. What I really love about this walker is that when I feel like I can not walk any longer there is a seat to sit on! I am impressed with this walker and recommend it!”


Best Rollator Ever Made

“I bought this rollator to replace a rollator that was purchased less than a year ago. This rollator is by far the best rollator I have ever owned. It is easy to walk upright, close to the seat. Storage is phenomenal. The area this rollator takes up when folded and locked is amazing. I am a senior citizen with multiple ambulatory disabilities and this rollator makes me feel safe and secure. I love the regal rose color….very feminine yet not too girly. The braking system is reliable and sturdy. Thanks for making such a wonderful rollator.”


Worth Investing

“This is the first and more than likely the last walker I will need in my lifetime. It’s light weight and portable for home and outside, easy to maneuver with brakes, sturdy, have enough storage compartments, and a seat with backrest when needed. It is a higher price, but worth it to make me more independent and still look good while using this good looking walker.”

So Easy to Use on the Go

“I’m still mobile and young so I’m not really willing to do a wheelchair or scooter (yet)and I was looking for something in between that something that would give me the option to sit down if I needed…. I definitely have found what I was looking for in the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator! Honestly anybody can use this I didn’t even have to read the directions pretty much unfolded it and pushed down the seat and that’s it ready to go EZ Peazy! Thanks to the size and folding storage is a breeze!”


Class Piece of Equipment

“The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator is a class piece of equipment on many levels, not least of which is the fact that absolutely no assembly is required. It is ready for use right out of the box. I was impressed by how easy it is to unfold the walker by merely pressing on the seat. It is just as easy to fold it up again by pulling up a handle situated in the middle of the seat.  My elderly mother-in-law has tried it out too and I will soon be investing in one of these walkers for her. I will be recommending it to friends and other members of the family.”


Best Product Ever

“I used this product to be able to go outside for the first time in 10 years. This product has changed my life and I am finally able to go outside and go to the store on my own. It helps me walk and when I’m tired and I need to rest. It has a seat I can sit on and it even has a place that I can put my groceries in. It is easy to fold up and fits away conveniently. I recommend this product for people who need to be mobile again. Because of this product I have my life back and I couldn’t be more grateful than I am right now.”

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EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

Fantastic Traveler Aid

“Extremely convenient to travel with, folds up very compact for ease of storing above seat in airplane, under seat on train, beside self in car. Just a fantastically great walker. We have 5 of them, one for travelling, 4 in home on different floors or pool area.”


I would Buy Another in a Heartbeat

“I have fibromyalgia, peripheral polyneuropathy and arthritis in my lower spine. I was walking with just a cane that lots of time left me off balance and I have fallen several times. I needed something that was more stable yet easy to transport in my car. The fold-and-go walker fills the bill. It is easy to carry and lift and being able to fold it for portability is great. It is sturdy when unfolded and I haven’t fallen once since I got it. This is a great product.”


Great Quality Walker

“Much more robust than my father’s last foldable walker without being disproportionately heavy. Adjusting the height from the top SO much easier than fighting with adjusting the legs! Love the handy pouch. My father is very particular about things so when he says he is pleased that is a plus! He was particularly pleased with how high it could go – no more stooping.”


Safe and Convenient

“I purchased an EZ Fold-N-Go Walker for my 84 year old husband after he fell and no longer felt confident using only a cane. It lifts and folds to stand next to the bed, sofa and dining table and slips easily behind the front seats in our vehicle. Its lightweight yet sturdy design is also easy for me to manage when necessary. His doctors have all been interested so they can recommend the product to other mobility challenged patients.”


Soooo Much Easier to Carry

“Love at first sight, no kidding. We keep a 20-pound rollator/transport in our car trunk for walks and outings where my husband needs to have a seat or help getting back to the car. But, at 20 pounds the rollator is too difficult for me to lug up and down the stairs of our two-story home. I saw this attractive, easy-to-fold, eight-pound walker at a home medical supply store and wanted it right away. Because it is so convenient to open and close, my husband is actually happy to use it in the house. We find it the perfect walker for going to doctor appointments and for other quick errands. Did I mention we LOVE it!”


Well Built Product

“I purchased the EZ fold n go walker with some skepticism. I have tried walkers before and have been disappointed. The EZ FOLD-N-Go Walker has met every single expectation and more. Its lightweight and easily folded to a manageable size. The best part of the product was the quality of the material. I AM A HUGE FAN!! I am not easily impressed. NICE job on this product!”


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Let’s Go Indoor Rollator

Great Features!

“This Indoor Rollator is a great aid for anyone that needs some assistance moving around their home and carrying items from one area to another. The front wheels swivel which makes it easy to maneuver around the house and easily fits through doorways! The trolley tray is perfect to eat on or use for anything you might want nearby. The handle has a hand brake also which would be very helpful for someone with limited mobility. I’m really impressed with this quality product and would recommend to anyone!”


Super Happy

“I’m really impressed with the strength of this stander cart. It looks very attractive. The basket on it is a nice size and is made of heavy cloth so you can carry a decent amount of weight in it. As well as it comes with a nice tray to put on top of the basket for carrying plates or liquids. The brakes work very well. This would be nice cart for someone that has just had surgery or for just pushing around your house to help you move small items or to maintain your balance a little bit better.”


Great Rollator!

“This is by far the best and my most favorite rollator yet!! It’s extremely smooth and easy to use. Folding and unfolding is very easy. It’s really lightweight as well. It would be great if the trap attached securely instead of simply laying on top. But other than that it’s really an awesome rollator.”


So many Features

“This has great features. I like the telescoping hand grips. I also appreciate that there is both a tray and a basket attached. This is a fairly light weight product and slim for getting through doors easily.”


After Surgery Must Have!

“After having surgery on my lower spine I knew I would need help doing the little things in life that I would normally not have an issue with. This rollator saved my life when it came to doing laundry and being able to move from point A to point B. If you know you will be down for a bit, make sure you get one!!!”


Life Changer!

“I got this for my mother, she has recently had knee surgery and was having a hard time getting around. She has never used a walker and this one seems to be perfect for her. It was pretty much assembled when we received it. It is very sturdy, lightweight and very easy to roll around. She loves the tray in the front so she can eat on it in front of the TV and set things on it as she moves through the house. The Rollator has not problem going through door ways and through the whole house and it does not hit walls or baseboards. The design of this Rollator is perfect and my mom is so happy to have it so she can get around the house by herself.”


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Let’s Fly Rollator

Exceptionally Well-designed

“I was very skeptical at first, because my husband had two other walkers (much, much lighter and a lot flimsier). What an upgrade! It is like going from basic to deluxe model. VERY sturdy and solid, but surprisingly lightweight and easy to maneuver. Has really almost “sporty” look to it and we really like that it is red – easily noticeable. The positioning of the break controls is pure genius. It also folds very easily and fits into the trunk, which I truly appreciate. Solid, reliable, truly a marvel of engineering and gives a great peace of mind.”

Truly the Best Rollator on the Market

“We have purchased many rollators over the years, for myself and my inlaws, who live with us. When we purchase medical products, we are looking for 1. Sturdiness, 2. Quality 3. Ease of use and 4. Price. While this rollator was the most expensive out of the 4 or 5 we have purchased in the past, it is well worth every dollar!! This rollator provides the MOST STABILITY over any other rollator on the market!”


Lets you Move Confidently

“The Let’s Fly Rollator is a quality piece of essential equipment. It allows the user to move around with great ease and confidence. The walker unfolds from the box and expands easily when unlatched. The braking handles conveniently telescope to whatever height is most comfortable for the user. The convenience tote attaches easily and has ample room to carry most objects – it also securely closes. With the pull of the strap on the seat, the walker folds back to the compact size. Easy to use and oversized wheels makes moving around a breeze.”


Excellent Rollator

“This is an excellent walker, easy to maneuver. The arms are adjustable, and it has three brake functions. You just grab the strap on the seat, and it folds up, easy to get in and out of the car, and just pull the arms apart to open it, very simple. It also has a bag that attaches to the front to carry things. The seat and the back strap are good and sturdy, no wobbling, and the tires get around well outside. There are red safety reflectors at the end of each handle, and soft rubber for a comfortable grip.”

Lightweight and Durable

“First look, great design and color. Quality item, made very durable, and easy to use. Been in the market for something that didn’t look like my Grandma’s walker and came across this beautiful design. Was wondering at first if the great looks was just that and quality might not fit the bill. Once I received it and the easy functions of opening and closing I’m sold. Not to mention it’s lite weight and can easily be placed in my vehicle trunk or back seat.”


Coolest Walker

“This is the coolest walker ever. My grandfather absolutely loves the color, design, and most importantly the ease of using it. I especially love that it is lightweight to handle. The removable storage bin is perfect to make for more room. It has adjustable handle bars which makes it very convenient for him depending how his back is doing. Overall, I definitely recommend!”


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Let’s Move Rollator

This Rollator is Awesome!

“This is lightweight and easy to get in and out of the car. I love how easy it is to fold up! All you do is pull the handle on the seat and it instantly folds up. The height is adjustable which is a huge plus and a bag comes with that holds all my items when traveling or out on an errand. It is well built and definitely made to last. Very impressed! The wheels move smoothly and the seat is able to hold my weight with no issues. Would definitely recommend!”


This is Life Changing!

“When I got this, a little over a week ago, I was surprised that it was already assembled, right out of the box. The only thing that I had to do was add the safety harness and the bag. It’s very durable but is lightweight enough for me to lift it into the hatch of my car. When shopping, this past weekend, I felt like I got some of my independence back. It has brakes, so I never felt uneasy using it. The seat came in handy, a few times too. I was even able to fit my whole purse into the bag and not have to carry it around. My daughter even noticed that I had a little pep in my step because I felt so much safer using it.”


The Cadillac of Walkers!

“Wow. The Let’s Move Rollator is a game changer. The wheels run so smoothly! No more shuffling with a traditional walker. The detachable shopping bag is a clever and convenient addition. The seat WITH A BACKREST? Genius! It’s actually really comfortable and supports you so well. It looks good, feels good, is easy to brake (including a parking brake!), and folds easily for travel. I really love it.”

Very Sturdy and Easy to Transport

“Usually when walking assistance devices have smaller or thinner frames, that equates with less sturdy or balanced. This product is none of those things! Having four wheels has allowed me to have more natural mobility without significant time passing between turns and shifts in my posture. It is really helpful to have level markers on the adjustable height of the arms so that both sides can be equal without the guess work. It collapses very compactly inward and I am even able to lift it with one hand when collapsed. Great buy.”


My Grandma Loves it!

This was the best gift I’ve ever given to my grandma! She likes to be active and mobile. Unfortunately, she needs assistance now that she turned 90. As far as design goes, it’s awesome! She loves having the hand brakes on both sides. The seat is very convenient for when she gets tired. Best thing, no tennis balls required !”


Love it

“This compact walker works great. I really like how it folds up so compact. The wheels have a smooth glide and the hand breaks work great. I really like that ot supports up to 350 lbs. It has a useful bag that I can hang in the front of the walker. I am so happy with it. I dont have to worry about having a bulky walker and worry about bumping into people.”

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Let’s Go Out Rollator

My Mother-in-Law Loves this!

“This didn’t require much in the way of assembly, popped it out of the box, unfolded it, and it was pretty much ready to go. Just had to install the back strap and adjust the handle height, both of which were very simple to do. My 94 yo mother-in-law love this, she finds it easy to maneuver with, the large front wheels seem to make this easier to get around with. Also, she can sit comfortably on it when she needs to rest. The storage bag holds quite a bit . Very pleased with this item.”


Light and Trustworthy

“I got this for my mother who has trouble walking with a bad knee and hip. It’s great for her because it feels like just walking around with a shopping cart in that it’s easy to stroll, functional and not an eye sore. She loves it that you can keep things in the bag and sit when she needs to take a break. Love the large wheels which makes uneven roads no longer a concern. It absolutely makes her more mobile. She feels like she just bought a new car and enjoying freedom again.”


This thing Rocks and Rolls

“This Let’s Go Out walker from Trust Care is amazing! I’ve never seen a walker built so sturdy and with such high-quality materials and workmanship. It is reasonably light weight at around 15 lbs and the vinyl seat attachment is quite comfortable as well. It folds up so it’s super compact to fit in the backseat or trunk and the locking brakes are a great safety future. It’s also very versatile with heights adjustments and it supports up to 300 lbs.”

Easy to Maneuver

“I live with my dad and noticed that he has been having balance issues. He tried using a cane but it hasn’t offered him the stability that he needs. We decided to try this product and it’s a world of difference for him. It also gives him more independence and the freedom to move about easier with more confidence. He loves that it comes with a bag and seat. It is easy to maneuver on any surface and offers a stable way for him to get around.”


Smooth Ride!

“This ‘Let’s Go Out’ Rollator is such a smooth wheeling walker. The sleek design will make you the most stylish walker on the block! Along with it’s great visual appeal this walker rolls with little effort. The front wheels swivel with ease! The hand brakes are very helpful when needing to stop and take a break. The heavy duty seat is also a great feature. It is made out of a strong material that will hold a decent amount of weight. It is easy to fold up and get into your trunk. Overall I am very pleased with the ‘Let’s Go Out’ Rollator!


Great Little Roller!

“This thing is super light weight, less than 15lbs which is great! I like that it has a seat with supposed back strap for resting. It was super easy to use straight out of the box with minor adjustments!”

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Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

Thoroughly Impressed

“From the moment I opened the box I could tell this was a quality product. Actually, when I first picked up the box, the weight impressed me. Very nice steel, so smooth, and just the right size for your hands. It feels secure when mounted, and mounting/assembly was so easy. Instructions easy to follow, the videos are great. Thank you Stander Company, for a great, well thought-out product.”


Stylish and Functional

“I ended up buying two of these for two of the bathrooms in my house. My mother has an adult-onset type of muscular dystrophy, so she has stability and strength issues. I am VERY particular about how things look in my home. I have to say that these security poles end up looking pretty cool. I get compliments on them all the time. What’s nice about these poles is that the curved part (the part you grab) can be moved around the main pole so it points in any direction you want. I highly recommend this. It’s incredibly sturdy and easy to put together.”


Lifesaver, Backsaver, Peace of Mind

“Have on bedside as well as one in each bathroom. With this bar [my husband] can use his arms to pull up, hang on when standing because he feels like he is going to fall. When he uses the toilet I am less nervous because he is holding on to his bar and I know it is keeping him steady. The wrench is great and easily adjusts the tension between the floor to the ceiling. Thank you for providing a measure of safety in our home, it has been stressful.”

Ingenious Device

“I bought this for my 84-year old mother who is recovering from the effects of a stroke. Because she is still moving around in a wheelchair and is unstable on her own two feet, we needed to get her some assistance in getting into her tub. Since she’s also blind, we have additional challenges. She said that the bar is very helpful in making her feel secure as she transfers from wheelchair to shower bench, and out again. My mother and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for more security in getting in and out of the tub or bed.”


Extremely Helpful

“We just installed this a couple days ago after a recommendation from a family member. Boy has it helped! It is SO stable and makes it so much easier for me to pull myself up and adjust. It has really taken the pressure off of my wife from having to literally sometimes pull me up off of bed to stand up.”


Fills Needs of Many

“As a caregiver for a stroke survivor, it has been frustrating having to help my friend in and out of her bed because nothing we tried to assist her would work due to the limitations of the device or appliance. The versatility offered by the Curved Bars on the Security Pole, and especially the ability to swing the grab bars around at 45 degree intervals has been nothing short of a god-send for both of us! It’s hard to imagine we had to struggle with independent mobility for so long. No more, thanks to the Security Pole. Five Stars for a great product that truly fills the need of so many.” 

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Best Invention Ever

“Best invention ever. My mother can get into the car so much easier and safer. She bought me on also because of the safety feature of the seatbelt cutter. Great invention. Thank you.”


Carry it with Me Everywhere

“I carry it in my red bag with all my other essentials & use it all the time. It is a great product & I wish I had thought of it! Car dealers should have these available for sale, or to give to senior car customers as a thank you gift. Would make great Xmas gifts, too!”


Very Helpful

“I bought this for my mom to get in and out of the car and it has proved very helpful. Before this, she used to grab the seat or I had to bend to lend her support. Handybar has helped her become more independent and worry less about getting in and out of the car.”


Extra Door Handle!

“This is like an extra door handle designed to get in and out of a car. Excellent, heavy duty product and just the thing to brace your weight when getting in or out. I am very happy with this Handy Bar!”


Makes Getting out of the Car so Easy!

“I used to struggle to stand up when getting out of the car. Now, the Handybar feels safe and strong so I don’t have to worry. A great find!”


Great Tool for the Elderly

“I bought this product hoping it would help me get my boss who is a stage 4 cancer and out of my Tesla in order to take him to all of his doc appointments..the first trip to the doctor using this product was a game changer..”


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I will be Telling all of my Friends

“The Assist-A-Tray does more than just assist me! It actually makes things a lot EASIER to do. The tray is perfect for viewing all my internet interests, having a snack, and playing Bingo!!! I have been looking at many different tables such as this one, none of them seem to be as sturdy, perfectly sized and “looks nice” with my other living room furniture. Well worth the low price I paid, and the “not have to worry fear” of it breaking while I’m trying to get up is absolutely an added plus.”

Mom Loves It

“We bought one of these for our home after seeing how well it worked for our mother. She purchased one a year ago and liked it so much we had to pack it and take it with us from Ohio to Virginia when she came to visit us. Well, much easier to buy one for our home. No problems with the unit. Before we could not find a tray that wouldn’t get knocked over. This really fixed that problem. I would absolutely recommend to others.”


Our Difficulty was Eliminated

“When my husband returned home after falling and hitting his head he had extreme difficulty standing from a seated position on his much loved couch. I installed the Assist a Tray and the difficulty was eliminated. This gave him the stability he needed. Also love the tray with cup holder feature – a lot fewer spills.”


A Tremendous Help

“I worked with Senior Centers for many years and understand the need to keep our Beloved Seniors as independent as possible. I purchased this product for my mother who was having increasing problems with mobility, standing and accessing items from her chair. The Assist-A-Tray has been a tremendous help!! She can swivel the tray in front of her to eat, play cards, read, or whatever else she wishes to do without having to move a table. The Easy-Stand Safety Handle is fantastic!! She can now stand without assistance.”

Best Product we have Purchased for Mom

“Not only is it the perfect tray height but it easily swings to position where you can place the tray several different ways depending on what project she is working on. The best part is the handle that mom grabs onto to assist her in standing is so sturdy it does not wobble or shake as she try’s to stand. Having had previous other falls using different equipment it is important for her to feel safe or she gets nervous and and sometimes loosing her footing I look forward to purchasing more products to help her with her mobility since she now has her confidence back.”

-Gramma G

Wish I had Gotten it Sooner

“I bought Assist-A-Tray for my Mother she is 94 years old. Before she was able to eat at the table but for the last few months she has gotten weaker and unable to hold her self up properly. We have a recliner raiser and when she is sitting in it she eats there from her lap. Now that we have the Assist-A-Tray it makes it so much easier for her to eat and drink. I only wish I had gotten it for her months ago. When she eats now she seems to sit up better in her recliner.”


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Omni Tray

Best Stand-alone Tray I have Seen!

“I have tried many trays to use for my lift chair and no one is as great as this one. This tray turns 360 degrees so you can position the table anywhere you need it. It is easily moved out of the way, so I can get out of my chair. The tray stand is made out of heavy metal so it is very sturdy, there is even a place on the stand to assist you while standing or sitting. It can be adjusted to any height so it will work with any chair or couch. I was not aware of this product or I would have bought it a long time ago.”


Exactly what I was Looking for!

“I have a degenerative disease that causes balance issues. When I’m on the couch I like to be able to use my laptop or eat a meal and this table makes it very convenient. It swings out when I’m done and it’s so easy to get out of the chair because I can lean on this and help myself up. Holds coffee and breakfast in the morning while I’m catching up on the news. I wish I had discovered this years ago – totally worth the money – it’s actually a steal when you think about how often you’ll use it!”


Big Help for Standing

“I have Back, knee and ankle issues so when I received the Omni tray I was ready to give it a try.  Once you get it situated you will be a happy camper. It has made a world of difference for me to be able to stand on my own and I love having the tray to use my computer or work on crafts. I am extremely happy with it and recommend it for anyone who has standing difficulties.”

A Great Product, I’m Amazed

“This was so nicely packaged with easy to follow instructions, I put it together myself quickly. I’m amazed at the quality of every part. I had purchased something else first to go with my lift recliner but I returned it for this one and glad I did. I’m really enjoying this!”


Solved Meal-serving Problem for Patient

“Used to serve meals for Alzheimer’s patient who uses a Lazy Boy lift chair all day because she has trouble rising from ordinary chairs. Previously would place a tray on her lap that was held in place with a rope around the back of the chair. Halfway through the meal she sometimes had to use the bathroom and the rope had to be untied and the tray removed from her lap before she could get up. The Omni-Tray reduced the process to a simple rotation of the tray out of the way.”


Best Idea EVER!

“I love my Omni Stander Tray! I have severe arthritis and getting out of a chair is hard. The Stander give me the extra height for pulling myself up! I am 71 and was able to assemble it myself!. The instructions were very clear and the tools needed were included. It is good and heavy and braced under my chair so it is very safe to use. To top it off it doesn’t look like “medical’ equipment. I am very glad I received this!!”

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EZ Stand-N-Go

This is a Must

“My Mother used one of these for her knee replacement rehab and now that I am getting ready for a knee replacement, I promptly ordered my own. It got here today and I am so thrilled! It was easy to assemble and I have shared on my social media about the advantages of this.”


Just What I Needed

“Since my bout with west Nile meningitis in 2012, I’ve been sleeping on a couch on my first floor mainly because of difficulty walking and climbing stairs. In March of this year I suffered a stroke compounded by a second stroke in April. I could no longer lift myself to a sitting position and even when I could, I had no support to lift myself to a standing position. EZ Stand N Go was the perfect solution. This product has given me back my independence and gives me a sense of security.”


Now Accident Free

“Broke my ankle getting up from glider-rocker chair. Lost balance, grabbed onto chair brought down on leg. Surgery with metal rod and screws. I’m diabetic, stroke victim, 78 years old. My EZ Stand N Go plus PT bed cane make it possible to maintain my independence .”


I am Independent Again!

“Before getting this stand assistance, I was completely dependent upon someone to give me a hand in order to stand from my couch or chair. This Stander product is a blessing!! I am now able to use the two handles to press down and stand independently. Thanks for making it possible for me to stand without calling for someone to give me a hand!”


Getting Off the Couch is Easy Now!

“With my mobility issues I have a hard time getting off the couch. The fabric sticks to my clothing and the cushion is soft. The first time I used the Stand And Go my wife remarked “you got off that couch so fast it’s as if you were shot out of a cannon.” So glad she mentioned my problem to my OT who knew exactly what assistance device I needed.”


Exactly what I Needed

“My couch is a little low and the cushions fairly soft, so I was having trouble getting up off of it. After my daughter installed the EZ Stand N Go I no longer have trouble getting to my feet. The two hand grips are very sturdy and a good size to hold on to either to pull yourself up, or just for balance while using your legs. I highly recommend this product.”

-90-years Young

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