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Elizabeth AmieeChristensen

45 minutes ago NEW Edit: After months of back and forth JQ medical refused to take me and insurance word for the truth. I went in for another surgery and got an ileostomy which requires a whole new system. I was sure JQ medical could do it!! After ordering my supplies it took several weeks to get drop shipped and it was over a month before I got my supplies. I told one of the worst employees I have worked with who has downright lied to me that I was hoping this time would be different. She said “me too” and then proceeded to do nothing to fix it. I really wanted to use JQ, they are local and I wanted to have a relationship with my supply company. If you also want that….don’t use JQ, you might have a relationship but it’s more abusive then good. I also was asked by JQ to change my review, which I absolutely wanted to do…but I was unable to because they could never seem to just send me my supplies and billl it correctly!! My insurance representative said they can’t tell them how to bill but she told me. No JQ representative would believe me! The customer is apparently a stupid backwater hick who is never right. I seem angry? Your right, I am. I cannot understand the level of incompetence from those at the top of the food chain at JQ. Call Byram, they aren’t local but I have gotten my supplies and when I told the representative helping me that my insurance is different she proceeded to believe me!! Novel concept. I did my homework so I knew the deal and she believed me! It was magical. Save yourself the hassle and call Byram. Edit: I was done and they were done with our relationship when Tricia called and is really trying to make this work. I am very happy that she listened and is trying to make this work. The issue is still an issue with my insurance but JQ Medical has tried to ease this struggle and make it better. If we can fix this it will be amazing. I only hope it can be a 5.. fingers crossed I have had the absolute worst experience with JQ medical. I need ostomy supplies and for almost two years it's been a fight. Not one person in their company knows the same thing. They all have a different answer and will go out of their way to make sure you have an awful experience. Don't use them for ostomy because you will be the one left holding the bag (pun intended). They will make up facts and tell you it is how they say, but they don't know for sure.RUN don't walk to another supplier. They even insisted I started business with them in Oct 21 when it was April..they aren't to be trusted with your confidential information. They insisted I was wrong about when I got my ostomy supplies for the first time, like you don't know when your life changed forever. I don't like to post mean things and usually my reviews are light and nice but I would hate for anyone dealing with any ostomy to go through this.

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The EZ Adjust Bed Rail functions as both a bed rail and bed handle. Its design makes it an excellent choice that blends with the comfortable feeling of your home. Fits most regular and adjustable beds.

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The Assist-A-Tray is a couch-side handle that makes it easy to stand from your favorite couch or chair. It comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by. All while maintaining the comfortable feeling in your home.

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