Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Item #: 1120

  • Curved Grab Bar: The unique grab bar offers an enhanced level of support and stability while supporting up to 300 pounds
  • Rotates and Locks: The rotating grab bar can be easily locked at any angle to give users an added sense of stability when standing
  • Height Adjustable: The Security Pole can be extended vertically from 7 to 9 feet creating tension between tub and ceiling
  • Compatible Bathtubs: The bathtub transfer pole fits standard alcove bathtubs with flat sides and clamps to bathtub rims 3 to 7 inches wide and 13 to 21 inches tall
  • Shower Curtains: To ensure water is contained, the bathtub grab bar should be used with two curtains, one installed on either side of the Security Pole

  • Prevent Falls: The Bathtub Security Pole offers support to stand and move confidently without fear of falling or losing balance
  • Versatile Solution for Bath Safety: This versatile grab bar can be used while bathing, stepping over a bath ledge, or even when standing from a toilet
  • No Restraints: Unlike traditional wall-mounted grab bars, the Security Pole is a non-permanent solution that can be installed where support is needed the most
  • Low-Cost Alternative: Simple and easy to install in homes without requiring expensive renovations or major home modifications
  • High Quality and Durable: Made of durable steel construction, the grab bar for seniors ensure long-lasting reliability and peace of mind

  • Fits Ceiling Heights: 7-9 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Fits Bathtub Widths: 3-7 inches
  • Fits Bathtub Heights: 13-21 inches
  • Length of Top I-Beam: 22″
  • Width of Top I-Beam: 9″
  • Diameter of Pole: 1.5″

MSRP: $299.99 USD

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The Bathtub Security Pole is a versatile and easy-to-install grab bar that provides enhanced support and stability to prevent falls in the bathroom. With a rotating and lockable grab bar, height adjustability, and compatibility with standard bathtubs, this non-permanent solution is ideal for anyone who needs added support while bathing or using the toilet.


2-In-1 Ladder Grab Bar and Transfer Pole

Prevent falls and injuries in the bathroom with the two-in-one grab bar and transfer pole. Use the ladder-like grab bar to lift yourself up from a toilet, bath bench, or over the bathtub rim and balance yourself with the transfer pole.

The Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar secures with tension and has been designed to support lateral weights up to 300 pounds!


Grab Bar Swivels 360 Degrees

The Curved Grab Bar swivels around the pole a full 360 degrees by simply pulling on the knob. For added measures of safety, the swiveling grab bar automatically locks itself into place in eight different spots every 45 degrees.

The curved grab bars adds additional versatility to the Security Pole. By adding multiple points and angles of use, the Security Pole can be installed in a bathroom to be used with both a bathtub and a toilet!


Easily Installs on Most Alcove Bathtubs

The Bathtub Security Pole assembles and installs within minutes using the provided clamp and wrench. To install, clamp the pole to the bathtub rim and tighten the pole using the wrench to create tension between the tub rim and ceiling. No drilling or hardware needed!

The bathtub grab bar is compatible with most standard alcove bathtubs with flat sides. It securely clamps to tub rims 3 to 7 inches wide and 13 to 21 inches wide.


Use with Two Shower Curtains

To ensure water is contained, the bathtub bar should be used with two shower curtains, one on either side of the Security Pole.

The Bathtub Security Pole works with both straight and curved curtain rods. Curtains rods should be installed on the outside of the Security Pole.

Clamps to Tub Wall

Secure in place by securing the clamp to the tub wall and tightening the pole to the ceiling with the included wrench

Fits Ceilings 7′-9′

Includes everything needed for installation on a 7 to 9 foot flat dry-walled ceiling

Rotates and Locks

Swivel the Curved Grab Bar a full 360 degrees; grab bar automatically locks into place every 45 degrees

Supports 300 lbs

Use the transfer pole while bathing or standing from a toilet to protect against dangerous falls

See the Bathtub Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar in action

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  • Fits Ceiling Heights: 7-9 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Fits Tub Widths: 3-7 inches
  • Fits Tub Heights: 13-21 inches
  • Length of Top I-Beam: 22″
  • Width of Top I-Beam: 9″
  • Diameter of Pole: 1.5″

Yes, assembly and installation is required, but is easy and can be done within a matter of minutes.

For detailed instructions on how to assemble and install the Security Pole, download the instruction manual or watch our video below:

The Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is compatible with standard alcove bathtubs that have flat sides and bathtub rims that are 3 to 7 inches wide and 13 to 21 inches tall. Please make sure to measure your bathtub before purchasing to ensure that it meets these requirements.

To ensure water is contained, the bathtub bar must be used with two shower curtains, one on either side of the Security Pole. Curtains rods should be installed on the outside of the Security Pole. See our assembly video for more information.

The Bathtub Security Pole is designed to be installed on a flat ceiling. It wouldn’t be suitable to use the pole on a slanted or vaulted ceiling.

Yes, there is an extension piece available for ceilings up to 10 feet tall. To order an extension piece, please call our customer service at 1-800-509-9901.

No, the grab bar portion is in a fixed position between 14 and 34 inches above the tub rim and cannot be adjusted.

No, when installed properly with tension the pole will support the user up to 300 pounds.

The pole does come with included hardware and pre-drilled holes in the case that you want a more permanent solution in your home, but is not required.

If securing the Bathtub Security Pole with tension you will not need to install the pole parallel to the joists. The top I-beam evenly distributes tension throughout the ceiling.

If you are permanently installing the Security Pole using the provided hardware, you will need to find a joist to drill into.

We recommend holding on to the included wrench and tightening the pole once every month to avoid thread-settling and ensuring that the pole is securely fastened.

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