The United States was founded upon the principles of liberty, freedom, and inalienable rights. Over the years, those freedoms and rights have needed to be protected, their allies have needed to be defended. Collectively, as a nation, we have relied on the bravery and sacrifice of our Armed Forces to safeguard the principles of freedom around the world.

Stander thanks those members of the Armed Forces. We are grateful for all that these men and women have sacrificed on our behalf, and we want to give back to these brave veterans.

Many veterans struggle with mobility issues, and because of injury or age, are finding their own freedoms reduced as they navigate their home and community. We at Stander want to help them regain some of their independence, and help them live life on their own terms.

We at Stander want to help them regain some of their independence, and help them live life on their own terms.

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We will never be able to fully repay the millions of people who have served our country in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard; but we want to do our part to honor these great people.

For that reason, we introduce the Stander Honored Veterans program. Here we highlight the service, and lives of some of our greatest heroes. We hope, as you learn more about these great men and women, that you will be inspired to help serve those veterans in your community.

For those of you who have served in the Armed Forces, we thank you!


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George "Jack" Kidd - Navigator in the Army Air Corps. Served in WWII. Stationed in Greenland where he flew reconnaissance. Jack Kidd enlisted in the Army shortly after the beginning of WWII. When he was dropped off at the bus to travel to basic training, his father had just received word that he was dying, and would never see his son again.

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With the stoicism of his pioneer heritage, he didn't say a word about it to Jack. He just hugged him, and with rare tears, said goodbye. He didn't want Jack to be distracted during the war. At the end of the war, he went home when his mother's health began to fail. She soon passed away and left Jack in charge of his younger brother, working at a service station to help him finish high school. Jack married Lillian Barrett and together they had 4 children. He was an educator, a counselor, and a religious leader in Cache Valley Utah. He touched countless lives. He passed away at the age of 92 a couple of days after Christmas in 2016. Like many of his generation, he faced all of life's challenges with strength and quiet courage. We are grateful for his service to both his community and his country.

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Lyle served honorably as a Navy radio man from 1942-1946. He served on several islands throughout the pacific ocean during. Towards the end of World War 2 Lyle was re-assigned to San Francisco where he was one of the 1st people in the continental United States to learn of the Japanese surrender and consequently the end of most conflict in the pacific.

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At the end of the war Lyle returned home to his home town in southern Utah where he married his Sweetheart Clea Shumway and started Lyle Northern Electric. An Electric contracting business that still runs in his family today.


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Bruce Johnson enlisted and Served in the Navy during the Vietnam War in the late 1960’s. Bruce was stationed in Okinawa Japan where he fulfilled his role as a construction Forman during his two years of service.  Upon return from his Military Service, Bruce completed his Masters Electrical License and ran his fathers business for more than 30 years.

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Clive Murdell Holland served in the Army in WWII in Africa, then with the 1471st Maintenance Engineers in France and Germany. After arriving at a French Port Clive boarded a troop transport train headed for Camp Lucky Strike, a major staging point for front line troops. 

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The train was over loaded with troops and with mechanical problems. The train gained speed down a grade and crashed through the station at St. Valery, piling 24 box cars packed with U.S. soldiers, one on top of another. It was a horrific scene with 89 dead and 152 injured.

Clive was able to crawl out of his box car though many of those with him were not so fortunate. The survivors were quickly formed into units and carried out their missions to liberate France. 

Clive also enlisted in the Army Reserve (active status) from October 1950 until October 1953. He married Gae Nell Fisher January 6, 1943 knowing that they had just a few weeks before he would leave for the Army. 

Clive returned home to civilian life, raised a family, ran a business, and served his community in service organizations, church, and local government positions. He died Dec 6, 2009 leaving a rich legacy and example for his posterity.

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