George “Jack” Kidd

Navigator in the Army Air Corps. Served in WWII. Stationed in Greenland where he flew reconnaissance. Jack Kidd enlisted in the Army shortly after the beginning of WWII. When he was dropped off at the bus to travel to basic training, his father had just received word that he was dying, and would never see his son again.

With the stoicism of his pioneer heritage, he didn’t say a word about it to Jack. He just hugged him, and with rare tears, said goodbye. He didn’t want Jack to be distracted during the war. At the end of the war, he went home when his mother’s health began to fail. She soon passed away and left Jack in charge of his younger brother, working at a service station to help him finish high school. Jack married Lillian Barrett and together they had 4 children. He was an educator, a counselor, and a religious leader in Cache Valley Utah. He touched countless lives. He passed away at the age of 92 a couple of days after Christmas in 2016. Like many of his generation, he faced all of life’s challenges with strength and quiet courage. We are grateful for his service to both his community and his country.

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