Elevating Mobility: Meet the 5 Cutting-Edge Rollators Redefining the New Standard for Walking Aids

Discover the Luxury and Innovation of Stander’s Line of Trust Care Euro-Style Rollators

Meet our new line of Trust Care Rollators

You may be accustomed to seeing traditional walkers and rollators rolling along the sidewalk, at the grocery store, or in an airport. You probably think that once you have seen one rollator you have seen them all. You wouldn’t say the same for cars though, would you? While all cars have four wheels, doors, and an engine, there are plenty of things that distinguish one car from one another. As you examine a car piece by piece, you see the fine details that make a car more attractive, higher performing, and more luxurious than others. The same goes for rollators, and Stander’s new line of rollators are most definitely luxury sports cars in a world full of minivans. These are five rollators that you don’t want to miss out on.

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    In 2020, Stander announced a new partnership with Trust Care, a Swedish manufacturer, to become their exclusive distributor in North America. Trust Care is one of the world’s leading companies in design with highly regarded and international award-winning rollators. Trust Care, along with Stander, focuses on modernizing traditional mobility aids to meet the needs of a rising generation who place a higher emphasis on technology and design. With the new partnership, Stander is excited to offer a mix of premium rollators with the highest level of functionality, style, and safety.

    The new line of Stander rollators from Trust Care incudes five unique rollators, each different in their own way. Let’s explore what sets these rollators apart from the typical rollator you have seen on the street.

    Let’s Go Indoor Rollator

    Upon first glance you might say that this rollator is unlike anything you have ever seen. The width of most traditional rollators makes them difficult to use around the home. It can be challenging to turn around in the bathroom, walk around a dining table, or even get through a doorway! The Let’s Go Rollator has been designed as the ultimate in-home companion. With a narrow 22.5 inch frame and 6-inch swivel wheels, it becomes easy to navigate around the house.

    As a bonus, the rollator comes with a removable tray and basket to help with chores or transport food and beverages. You can even pull the rollator right up to you as you sit on your couch and use the tray as a dinner table as seen in the picture to the right. The single handle brake and handgrip are also unique to rollators. You can sympathize with someone who has suffered a stroke or has limited dexterity in their hands and image just how hard it can be to fully steer or brake a rollator with one good hand. The Let’s Go enables users to do both of these things with only one hand.

    Available in four different colors, this is a proven best-seller that has already sold over one million units in Europe and Asia! If ultimate comfort is your goal, the Let’s Go Rollator is the perfect second-rollator for independent living in your home.

    Let’s Shop Rollator

    If innovation is your cup of tea, look no further than the Let’s Shop Rollator. But don’t just take our word for it. This rollator is a RedDot Award Winner for its innovative design and style. So what makes this rollator so unique? The lack of storage provided by most traditional rolling walkers is a common complaint amongst rollator users. Trust Care has overcome this issue with a 25-liter insulated storage bag. And if that wasn’t enough, they have also included an inner-liner that makes it easier to remove your groceries. Gone are the days of hanging grocery bags from the handles of your rollator!

    You may be asking yourself, “but where do I sit?” The lid to the storage bag actually doubles as a seat with a weight capacity of 300 pounds! The combination of storage and seat is what makes the Let’s Shop the perfect companion for running errands or having an all-day excursion at the mall.

    And if that wasn’t enough, the Let’s Shop folds like a traditional euro-style rollator with a self-locking mechanism that keeps it from unfolding. That makes it twice as easy to pick up and place in the trunk or back seat of a car. The Let’s Shop comes in two beautiful colors: black and gray.

    Let’s Fly Rollator

    For those of you who enjoy high-end products made with meticulous attention to detail, the Let’s Fly Rollator was made for you. In fact, this rollator has been dubbed the “Ferrari” of the rollator world, and not just because it was inspired by Italian sports cars. Unlike traditional two-piece rollators, the frame of the Let’s Fly has been hydroformed, making it one continuous frame all the way through. Hydroforming is a way to cut metal without welding joints, making the frame strong and durable, while also giving it those attractive body lines. A faux-leather seat and backrest are patterned after the seats of a Ferrari and are accented by white stitching. Steel brake handles, ergonomic molded handles, and a steel undercarriage give this rollator an appearance straight out of a magazine.

    The Let’s Fly Rollator is just as functional as it is attractive. The large 10-inch wheels and smaller 8-inch rear wheels make it easy to tackle curbing or stairs and uneven surfaces. There is even a rear shock-absorbing suspension system to help ease the movement over pavers and cobblestone. On the front of the rollator hangs a storage bag that can be removed at any time. The bag includes an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it great for traveling. If Ferrari red isn’t for you, the Let’s Fly also comes in beautiful gray, white, and beige colors. Many rollators have mimicked the famed euro-style design, but the Let’s Fly Rollator remains the original. It will have you feeling like you’re flying first class every time you go out.

    Let’s Go Out Rollator

    If you like the function of the Let’s Fly Rollator but don’t care for the flash, test out the midgrade option and consider the Let’s Go Out Rollator. While the Let’s Go Out Rollator has many of the same features as the Let’s Fly, it maintains a more modest look. Rather than the high-class hydroformed design, the Let’s Go Out features a more traditional two-piece tubular frame. It does however maintain these same features:

    • Large 10-inch front wheels and smaller 8-inch rear wheels
    • Shock-absorbing rear suspension system
    • Faux leather seat and oversized backrest with white stitching
    • Molded steel brake handles
    • Removable front storage bag with included shoulder strap
    • Easy-to-adjust molded handle grips

    What you gain in the Let’s Go Out Rollator (or rather lose, depending on how you look at it) is one full pound in weight. While the Let’s Fly Rollator weighs 15.5 pounds, the Let’s Go Out weighs only 14.5 pounds, making it easier to transport around town. It, like all of Stander’s rollators by Trust Care, includes the self-locking mechanism when folded. The Let’s Go Out Rollator comes in three different two-colors: black and silver, beige and silver, and red and black.

    Let’s Move Rollator

    The newest rollator added to Stander’s line of Trust Care rollators is called the Let’s Move Rollator. The Let’s Move is considered by many around the world as an engineering masterpiece! One common complaint from rollator users is the weight of their equipment. Rollators are traditionally heavy and bulky, which makes them difficult to lift into vehicles. As people age, they often have to abandon their rollator because it becomes too heavy for them to handle. Trust Care has engineered the lightest rollator in the world without compromising quality. Weighing in at just 12.8 pounds, the Let’s Move has the highest weight capacity of any of Trust Care rollator supporting 350 pounds.

    Aside from weight, the Let’s Move Rollator has many of the same features as the other Trust Care rollators, including a mesh seat, oversized back strap, removable storage bag, and 8-inch wheels. Just like the Let’s Shop Rollator, it comes in both black and gray.

    The Bottom Line

    Trust Care rollators provide the highest level of functionality, style, and safety of any of the rollators on the market. Each one of them has something unique to offer, which makes it important to find the right one that matches your needs. If you are interested in learning which rollator best fits your needs, take our quiz and find out!

    We are very excited for our new partnership with Trust Care. Because we believe in the quality and integrity of these products, the same famed Stander guarantee applies to these rollators. You will love the ingenuity and functionality of these items and appreciate that you have found the last rollator you will ever buy.

    Stander rollators by Trust Care can be found at your nearest Home Medical Equipment (HME) store, or on our website. If you would like to know where the nearest HME store is to you, use the “Where to Buy” feature on our website by entering your zip code.

    Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or for a loved one, or are tired of the drab rollator you currently use, give our Stander rollators by Trust Care a try and find out for yourself how much of a difference quality engineering and care will make.