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Security Pole & Curve Grab

"Ingenious Device"

"I bought for my 84-year old mother who is unstable on her own two feet. She said that the bar is very helpful in making her feel secure as she transfers from a wheelchair."

EZ Stand-N-Go

"Life Changer"

"I struggled getting up from my living room furniture for several months until I came across the Stand-N-Go. I can now get up with no problem. Assembly was also easy."


"Very Helpful"

"I bought this for my mom to get in and out of the car and has proved very helpful. The Handybar has helped her become more independent."


"Our Difficulty Eliminated"

"When my husband returned home after falling he had extreme difficulty standing from his much loved couch. I installed the Assist-A-Tray and the difficulty was eliminated."

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