What to Know: Five Questions about the New Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Learn How Your Bath Time Can Become Safer and More Secure with Stander’s Newest Tension-Mounted Transfer Pole

Taking a bath is part of our everyday routine, but for the elderly or individuals with disabilities, it can be a daunting task that poses a risk of falling or losing balance. Bathrooms can be slippery, and traditional wall-mounted grab bars can be difficult to install or you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of a costly bathroom renovation. The good news is, there’s a new and practical solution for your bathroom safety: The all-new Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar from Stander. In this blog post we will explore the answers to five of the main questions you need to know about the Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar. So keep reading to find out more about Stander’s latest innovation!

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    What is the Bathtub Security Pole?

    The Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar comes with a curved grab bar, which offers more enhanced support and stability than a regular straight grab bar. The grab bar’s ladder-shaped design provides multiple steps of support, which allows users to “climb” their way up using the multiple leverage points. With a weight capacity up to 300 pounds, the grab bar even rotates 360 degrees around the pole and locks every 45 degree to provide versatile support from multiple angles. Additionally, the Security Pole is height-adjustable and can be extended vertically from 7 to 9 feet, creating tension between the tub and ceiling.

    Can I Use the Bathtub Security Pole with any Bathtub?

    The bathtub transfer pole was made to fit most standard alcove bathtubs with flat sides. It will not be compatible with claw-foot bathtubs or bathtubs with curved sides. The bathroom pole comes with a base clamp that the secures the pole to the bathtub rim. The clamp is compatible with bathtub walls that are 3 to 7 inches wide and 13 to 21 inches tall. While most alcove bathtubs fit within this range, we recommend measuring your bathtub before purchasing just to be safe!

    Choosing the right positioning for your Stander Bathtub Security Pole is crucial to ensuring maximum safety and ease of use. The Security Pole should ideally be installed in the middle of the tub or opposite from the bathtub faucet. This allows users to comfortably reach and use the grab bar when they are getting in or getting out of the tub. For many users who are also using a shower chair or bath bench inside the bathtub, the positioning of the Bathtub Pole will depend on the location of your shower chair. Remember to leave at least 12 inches between the clamp and the wall to allow the grab bar space to rotate.

    The pole should be mounted parallel to the bathtub rim and clamped securely on top of the tub wall. If a toilet is located next to the bathtub (as is common with most alcove bathtub settings) you may consider positioning the pole so that the grab bar can be rotated and used as a support to get on and off of the toilet. As every bathroom layout is unique, it’s important to consider personal comfort and accessibility needs while also consulting the product instruction manual when determining the precise location for pole installation.

    Stander Bathtub Security Pole

    How does the Security Pole Mount to the Bathtub?

    One of the significant advantages of the Stander Bathtub Security Pole is its tension-mounted installation. This means that it uses the pressure between the tub wall and the ceiling to stay in place without the need to be permanently attached to the wall or ceiling. It can be adjusted to fit ceiling heights ranging from 7 to 9 feet. Should you feel the need for extra peace of mind, the Bathtub Security Pole does include mounting hardware for permanent installation, but is not required.

    To install the pole, you simply position it at the desired location, lift the top portion of pole to extend it until it’s firm against the ceiling, and lock it into place by tightening with the included wrench. The tension created by this action securely anchors the pole, providing a robust and stable support system. Importantly, this tension-mounted design means there’s no need for drilling holes into your bathroom walls or ceiling, making the installation process easy and non-invasive. This also ensures the integrity of your bathroom surface is maintained, avoiding potential damage from traditional wall-mounted bars. The tension-mount system also allows for easy relocation, offering flexibility as your needs or bathroom setting change.


    How is the Bathtub Security Pole Different than other Transfer Poles?

    Stander is known for its innovative and unique transfer poles like the Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar or the Signature Life Sure Stand Security Pole with its many grab bar accessories. These transfer poles also install with tension, but fully extend to mount between the floor and ceiling. The Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar, for example, is an extremely versatile tool for fall and injury prevention all throughout the house. t can be used for support in the bathroom next to a toilet, at your bedside, or in the living room tp help stand from your favorite chair.

    The Bathtub Security Pole is different because it clamps directly to the bathtub and extends upward to the ceiling. The close proximity to the bathtub means that when it comes to bathing, the Bathtub Security Pole can provide unmatched support; making it the go-to solution for transferring to and from the bathtub. Better yet, the Bathtub Security Pole’s curved grab bar can be rotated toward the inside of the bathtub to be used for support and balance while bathing, all without being installed directly inside the tub! The versatile grab bar can be used to stabilize yourself while bathing, when sitting on a shower chair, or when stepping over the bathtub wall.

    If you have a clawfoot tub, drop-in tub, garden tub, or any other bathtub that may not be compatible with the Bathtub Security Pole, you may still consider one of Stander’s floor to ceiling grab bars for bathroom safety. For example, the Signature Life Sure Stand Pole with its Horizontal Grab Bar Accessory may provide the necessary support you need while bathing or transferring in and out of your bathtub.

    Signature Life Sure Stand Security Pole

    Why Should I Use the Bathtub Security Pole over Regular Grab Bars?

    Apart from being a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution in comparison to costly renovations and major home modifications, the Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is made of durable steel construction that ensures long-lasting reliability and peace of mind. Unlike traditional wall-mounted grab bars, the Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is a non-permanent solution that requires no drilling into the walls or ceiling. For someone who is renting, living in an an assist living facility, or only temporarily needing a grab bar while recovering from injury or surgery, the tension-mounted pole saves them from permanently altering their bathroom. Likewise, because it’s a non-permanent fixture, it doesn’t leave any unsightly marks on your walls, ceiling, or bathtub.

    Although known as standard solutions for fall prevention within the bathroom, traditional wall-mounted grab bars are often limited in their reach. Since these are typically installed directly on the bathroom wall, their utility is often confined to a short distance from the wall. This can potentially limit the user’s mobility and accessibility around the bathroom. Furthermore, the effectiveness of a wall-mounted bar is highly dependent on its placement. To ensure proper, safe placement and installation, one should consult with a home modification expert. Incorrect or inconvenient placement can make it challenging for the user to reach or utilize it efficiently.

    Conversely, the Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar removes such limitations. Its innovative design allows the pole to provide support more centrally in the bathroom, placing it exactly where support is needed most. Whether that’s inside the bathtub or from the toilet, the user has the freedom and accessibility to move around their bathroom safely. This improvement in the placement of support makes the Bathtub Security Pole a superior choice over traditional wall-mounted grab bars. It offers users greater flexibility, more accessibility, and ultimately, a more secure and comfortable bathroom experience.

    The Bottom Line

    The Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is a game-changer in bathroom safety and mobility. Its innovative design, easy installation, and versatility make it a superior choice over traditional bathroom grab bars. It offers the support, security, and peace of mind you need to bathe with ease, particularly if you are elderly, living with a disability, or recovering from an injury. Why struggle with the risk and potential hazards when such a robust solution is available? Don’t wait another day to make your bathroom safer and more accessible. Experience the confidence and independence that the Bathtub Security Pole can bring to your daily routine.

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