Explore Essential Tools: Five Stander Products Every OT Should Know About

OTs are always looking for new and innovative products to improve their practice. These five Stander products are sure to do just that!

Are you an occupational therapist looking for a way to help your patients progress in their therapeutic journey? Maybe you’re undergoing occupational therapy yourself and eager to explore the latest products. If so, then Stander is surely something that should be on your radar! Stander products provide safety options and increased mobility for those working towards recovery, making them an ideal tool for therapists and patients alike. Today we’ll discuss five of our favorite Stander products – each designed with the goal of maximizing independence while promoting effective and safe engagement in meaningful activities. Read on to learn more about how these revolutionary products can take your rehabilitation efforts up a notch!

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    Introducing Stander

    Stander is an innovative leader in the durable medical equipment industry, providing occupational therapists and their patients with products to aid in rehabilitation and everyday use. Our variety of specialized products for wheelchair users and seniors are designed to provide maximum safety with minimal effort. We strive to provide support and care through our innovative designs, so all our products are perfect for achieving independence! From bed rails and stand assists to rolling walkers and transfer poles, you can always trust Stander to get you on your feet.

    Benefits of Using Stander Products in Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy is an important aspect of health care and it involves the use of therapeutic practices that help individuals of all ages to become productive, independent, and participate in meaningful activities. Stander products can be extremely beneficial when used in an occupational therapy setting. These products help those with physical disabilities to gain better mobility by providing support and stabilization while they practice everyday tasks such as standing up from a chair or transferring from a bed to a wheelchair. Stander products also allow users to benefit from engaging in more active exercise as it increases proprioceptive input and balance that helps promote movement. Stander products encourage safe freedom for those who are impaired by advanced age or physical disability allowing them to become more independent and socialize more effectively than before. All in all, Stander products are a great way to increase independence in individuals who experience physical disability or advanced age through occupational therapy practice.

    Five Stander Products to Consider for your OT Practice

    The Occupational Therapist’s toolbox is a critical part of their practice, as it provides the resources and materials necessary for success in treatment. Investing in quality equipment is essential for successful outcomes in Occupational Therapy—so don’t forget about these five Stander products when stocking your OT practice!

    Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

    Are you looking for the most versatile and secure bathroom grab bar on the market? Look no further than the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar! Perfect for both standing assistance and fall prevention, this product is designed to be easily installed without being permanently mounted to a wall or ceiling, so you can install it yourself or trust a patient can do it on their own. The unique rotating grab bar functions seamlessly in any bathroom setting, and the tension-mounting design makes it an ideal choice to implement anywhere in the home.


    The HandyBar is an innovative, helpful tool everyone should have in their car. It’s a small bar that fits in the door latch of most vehicles and provides security and stability while entering and exiting the vehicle. It’s easy to use—just insert the HandyBar into your car’s door latch, press down firmly to secure it, and you’re ready to go! It comes equipped with a comfortable grip handle for extra support. The HandyBar is a great investment for anyone with mobility issues or who simply wants to be able to exit their vehicle easily. With its strong construction and convenient size, it carries up to 350 pounds safely. Not only does the HandyBar help make travel easier, but it can also give greater peace of mind while driving – no more worrying about suddenly losing your balance while getting out of the car!


    The Assist-A-Tray is a revolutionary product that allows individuals with mobility challenges to find independence in their everyday lives. Through a combination of a TV tray and stands assist, the Assist-A-Tray provides both a secure surface for eating, writing, working on a laptop or tablet, reading, or playing games while also offering support to stand up from a couch or chair. Not only is it constructed from durable steel tubing with a strong safety grip handle, but its adjustable height means it adapt to just about any circumstance.

    EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

    The EZ Fold-N-Go Walker offers convenience and comfort to anyone with limited mobility. This innovative walker is made of durable steel, but the light weight frame makes it easy to transport anywhere. Best of all, this foldable walker can be collapsed in just seconds and easily fits into a car trunk or storage closet so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a bulky item. Plus, it features adjustable height for maximum stability, enabling users to feel secure no matter where their travels take them. Whether it’s a trip across town or an international flight, the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker makes on-the-go mobility simple and stress-free!

    PT BedCane

    For those needing assistance while getting out of bed, the PT BedCane is a useful tool. This device is made of rust-proof aluminum and features rubber feet to provide stability and strength, as well as a padded handle that offers extra grip security. The headboard clamps easily attach to any size bed frame, and it features an adjustable height range of 16 – 20 inches, so it can be used with different sized beds. In addition, the ergonomic design helps support your weight while you rise up or transfer from the bed to another surface. With its lightweight construction and sturdy design, the PT BedCane helps make getting in and out of bed easier and safer for users with limited mobility.

    Bonus! The Let’s Go Indoor Rollator by Trust Care

    As a bonus addition, the Let’s Go Indoor Rollator is a perfect choice for any Occupational Therapist looking for a steady and reliable walker for clients to use at home. Albeit have four wheels like a traditional rollator, there is nothing traditional about the Let’s Go! Because seating is taken care of in the home, the Let’s Go Rollator replaces the traditional built-in seat with a handy trolley tray and basket. The single handle and uni-lever brake handle are great for users that limited dexterity or are only capable of using one hand. The rollator can even be turned and used as a TV tray or dinner tray when sitting a favorite chair.

    The Bottom Line

    Overall, Standers offers a variety of great solutions for occupational therapy practitioners looking for an innovative way to work with their clients. The potential benefits of using a Stander products in practice, including improved posture, increased independence, and positive emotional wellbeing, make Stander a great choice to enhance the experience of those with physical and cognitive impairments. From Security Poles and Curve Grab Bars to HandyBars and EZ Fold-N-Go Walkers, Stander has a myriad of products that can help you get started in your OT practice.

    With proper assessment and regular review of individual goals, Stander solutions have the power to transform everyday tasks for those with physical and cognitive impediments – offering them the chance for further independence and overall enhanced quality of life. If you’re an occupational therapist who would like to partner with Stander and learn more about their solutions, visit www.stander.com/partners to sign-up for Stander’s Partner Program.

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