Staying Safe while Staying Active

Aging in place is not only a choice of living at home longer, but also living a more active lifestyle. The truth is, more aging adults are traveling and living life than ever before! Although aging may slow you down a bit, there are plenty of solutions that help keep the adventures going long after retirement.

While statistics say most falls happen at home, we can’t discount the possibility of falling anywhere else. In fact, it’s just as important to take precautions when you’re away from home. It may seem tedious or annoying to have a fall protection plan for every outing, but rest assured Stander has simple solutions that go a long ways in keeping you safe when you’re away from home.

Let’s go over some of our favorite solutions that you should consider every time you leave the house, whether you’re making a quick trip to the grocery store or heading out on a month-long vacation!

Walkers and rollators are excellent tools that can provide a newfound sense of confidence in your mobility

Many people avoid leaving the house because it’s too difficult getting in and out of a vehicle, but it doesn’t have to be that way

Your house may be retrofitted to protect against falls, but what are you to do when staying with family or in a hotel?

Ways to Achieve an Active Lifestyle

Walkers and Rollators

    • Talk to a doctor before purchasing. Many doctors prescribe walkers and rollators to their patients, but for various reasons. Get your doctor’s recommendations on what type of walker-rollator you should get.
    • Find the right fit for you. When it comes to walkers and rollators, one-size doesn’t fit all. Pay attention to adjustment height ranges, weights, and even seat sizes. When being fit for a walker, we recommend having the handle heights at wrist-height when hanging your hands at your side. This will allow for a natural bend in the elbow when using the device. For help choosing the right walker, check out our blog post, “How to Choose the Perfect Walker or Rollator” or take our quiz to be matched with one of our best-in-class rollators.
    • Consider using multiple walking aids. Just like any tool, walkers and rollators have specific uses. A large or wide rollator with a big seat might be great when playing cards, but isn’t functional to pack away in the car and carry on vacation. Consider keeping an indoor walker at home and having a travel-ready rollator or walker that stays in the car and is easy to carry around.
    • Walking devices are an extension of its user. If you need the assistance of a walker or rollator, it’s likely you will take it everywhere with you. Walkers and rollators come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, so find something you can be proud of and makes you happy.

Automobile Safety

    • Managing vehicles that are too low. Getting in and out of a vehicle is a difficult task that is often overlooked. Cars that are low to the ground can contribute to the difficult and dangerous nature of the task. Assist devices, like the HandyBar, are simple grab bars that provide leverage to push yourself out of a vehicle.
    • Managing vehicles that are too high. Many vans, trucks, or SUVs are too high off the ground and present dangerous opportunities for loss of balance and falling. A device like the CarCaddie can help in these situations. Unlike the HandyBar,  the CarCaddie hangs from the window frame and allows the users to pull themselves into a vehicle or lower themselves out of a vehicle.

Long-stay Preparation

    • Plan with a professional. Whether it’s for one night or a week, you don’t have to avoid traveling because of the fear of falling. Discuss your travel plans with a care manager at a local Home Medical Equipment (HME) store or with an Occupation Therapist (OT) for help making a safety plan.
    • Find the right travel-ready safety tools. If you’re serious about fall prevention, your home is likely retrofitted with safety equipment designed to prevent falls. Many of these tools are permanently installed or too large to carry with you on vacation. Stander has designed an entire line of travel-ready fall protection aids that are lightweight and compact. Our line includes portable bed rails that fit in suitcases, compact walkers that store in overhead bin of an airplane, and helpful standing aids to keep in a purse.
    • Keep safety equipment on-hand for visitors. Hosting visitors for an extended stay can be overwhelming, especially if you are worried for their safety and well-being. We recommend storing transfer aids that can be temporary installed like a bed rail, transfer pole, and walker at your home for such occasions. Having items on-hand will not only ease your mind, but also be a great help for those who are traveling. For more ideas on how to prepare your home for aging visitors, check out our blog post.

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Choosing the right walker or rollator can make all the difference in maintaining confidence in your mobility. There are many factors to include when selecting a walker or rollator, including size, weight capacity and level of mobility.

Take our Walker-Rollator Quiz and get our recommendations for which mobility device is right for your situation.