Fall Prevention Ideas: Top Uses for the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Learn Why the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is a More Versatile and Safer Solution for Fall Prevention than Traditional Grab Bars

When speaking of elderly fall prevention, there are few tools as versatile as the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar from Stander. The Security Pole has been a go-to solution for fall prevention of Occupational Therapists (OT’s) and Home Modification Specialists for almost 20 years because of its simple design and adaptable use.

The Security Pole can be used Anywhere

Mentioning fall prevention will typically conjure the image of wall-mounted grab bars. One of the most common forms of fall prevention, wall-mounted grab bars are excellent tools when used properly. Such grab bars do have their limitations, however. Traditional grab bars attach to and protrude from a wall, which leaves the middle of a room open with little to no support. Reaching for a grab bar that is attached to a wall and out of reach may even contribute to a loss of balance.

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    If you feel the limitations of traditional grab bars, the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar, with its unique tension-mounting design, may be a more effective strategy of fall prevention for you. With just the twist of a wrench, tension is formed between the floor and ceiling which holds the Security Pole in place. So rather than being limited to a place against the wall, the Security Pole can be installed in the middle of the room where support is needed the most.

    While grab bars are commonly thought of as bathroom safety solutions, the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar has been used world-wide in every room of the home. Because the possible uses for the unique transfer pole are endless, we’re here to discuss some of our favorite ways the Security Pole can be used for home fall prevention.

    Place it in between the toilet and bathtub

    The most dangerous falls occur in the bathroom thanks to hard surfaces and wet floors. Difficult tasks, such as standing from the toilet and stepping over the bathtub wall also contribute to the possibility of falling in the bathroom. The Security Pole can be used effectively in the bathroom to perform such tasks and mitigate these falls.

    The most common setup for a bathroom includes narrow quarters with a vanity and toilet aligned to one wall and the bathtub at the end of the room. In such a bathroom, wall-mounted grab bars would be needed in the tub, along the toilet, and across from the toilet.

    The Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar can be positioned between the toilet and the bathtub to be used for both purposes. And because the curved grab bar can rotate 360 degrees, it can be used to help someone up and out of the bathtub and then swiveled around to be used to get on and off the toilet.  

    Position the pole at your bedside

    Bed rails are most commonly used to prevent falls out of bed, but what if you just need some assistance getting in and out of bed and don’t want to be constrained by a bed rail? The Security Pole can be placed next to a bed and used to raise yourself up while lying down or to stand up from a lower-set bed. The pole is a highly effective tool for transferring from bed to a walker, rollator, or wheelchair and helps to maintain balance while transitioning to a bedside commode during the night.

    This Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar is PERFECT!!

    This bar has given my Mother, home from a week in the hospital and three weeks in a rehabilitation center and unable to stand up on her own, a level of independence that nothing else could. She uses it to transfer from bed to bedside potty, walker, and wheelchair, and vice versa. And it is also saving my back… Thank you so much to whomever invented it. I have already told a number of people about it and we agree that Medicare and other insurers should provide these for those struggling with balance and standing. It would save millions.

    Use it next to a couch, chair, or recliner

    Everyone has their favorite chair. A place to sit, relax, and unwind. All too often these favorite places of solitude become worn down and provide less support than they use to. Even with a brand new chair, using an armrest to stand can be dangerous. Armrests can be overly-cushioned so as to provide minimal support. It is also possible for a hand to slip along the contoured edge of the armrest forcing the person to lose their balance.

    No matter the state of the chair, we recommend some kind of sturdy standing aid that helps to alleviate the pain of standing from a favorite chair. The Security Pole does just that. When used next to a couch, chair, or recliner, the Security Pole allows a person to effectively lower themselves into a chair at a controlled rate. The ladder-like grab bar also provides a natural hand-over-hand motion to pull themselves up from a sitting position.

    Install it next to the stairs or a stairlift

    With aging in place becoming such a popular trend amongst older generations, it becomes necessary to make a home safe regardless of its challenges. Many homes feature drop-down living rooms or elevated dining rooms, making it necessary to tackle a short stairway of two of two or three steps. In cases where railings are not required, the Security Pole can be placed on the middle stair to provide balance and support while making each step.

    For multi-story homes with large staircases, a stairlift may be necessary to help get up and down the stairs. For those with mobility limitations, a stairlift can present a new challenge of getting in and out of the lift without losing balance. Many past and present users of the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar have placed the transfer pole at the top and bottom of the staircase to aid them in and out of their stairlift.

    This will help with our balance over a two-step transition.

    Between our Family Room and Dining Room and Kitchen level are two small steps. I installed the pole on top of the first step. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. This is a substantial heavy pole. I was pleased how it fit in with the décor. We have a similar transition on another level but that area is going through a remodeling. I expect we will buy another one for that.

    Guidelines for Proper Pole Placement

    Even with it’s versatile nature, there are still a few guidelines to follow when considering where to place your Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar:

      • The Security Pole can only be used on flat ceilings. Drop-down ceilings and vaulted ceilings will not work with the Security Pole. In any case that you hope to use a transfer pole with a slanted or vaulted ceiling, try the Security Pole’s sister product, the Signature Life Sure Stand Pole that can be found here
      • The Security Pole will work with ceiling heights anywhere between seven and 10 feet. The included extension piece will need to be added to the pole for any ceiling over eight feet. If you have ceilings over 10 feet tall, we recommend the Signature Life Sure Stand Pole which has an extension accessory piece for ceilings heights of 10-12 feet.
      • We do not recommend installing the Security Pole inside a shower or bathtub.
      • The Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar can be installed on any floor surface. 
      • The Security Pole does not need to be placed beneath a ceiling joist. The pole is specifically engineered to disperse tension throughout the ceiling.
      • Hardware is included with the Security Pole should you want to permanently attach the pole to the floor or ceiling, but is not required for proper use.
      • We recommend holding on to the included wrench and tightening the pole once every month to overcome thread-settling and ensuring the pole is securely fastened.

    The Bottom Line

    After reviewing only a few possible placements around the house, it’s easy to see why the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is one of the most versatile and useful tools for fall prevention. With uses in every room, it’s no wonder why so many families have installed multiple poles inside their homes! If you have a question regarding your need for a Security Pole, please give our team a call and we will be happy to assist you.