Collaborate with us to educate consumers and caregivers about fall prevention and aging in place

Working with Stander:

Content Creation Opportunities

Are you working as a Content Creator or interested in entering the influencer game? Work with Stander’s team to produce educational content for your social media following.

Product Samples

Stander will provide product samples to assist in content creation and caregiving education.

Free Print and Digital Marketing Materials

Free catalogs, brochures, posters, and more. Receive free digital assets such as high-resolution images, videos, PDF’s and more to help educate on your social media platforms and websites.

Product Training and Education

Join a free webinar or Zoom meeting for detailed training on Stander’s full product assortment. Get notified of new products, product updates, and important news.

Who can Join?

We're looking for Content Creators in these areas:​

Occupational and
Physical Therapists

Nurses, Doctors,
Pharmacists, and Home Hospice

Professional and
Family Caregivers

Join the Stander team!