Your Free CarCaddie Is On The Way!

Thanks for your opinion! Your free CarCaddie should arrive in the next 7 business days!

Our customers love the extra support that the CarCaddie provides! Here’s what a few of our customers are saying…

“Simple, but effective! Its been a blessing while recovering from my knee surgery!”

     – By Alexandra Hartfield (Hawaii) 

 “God bless the person who invented this. The strap provides just enough oomph to enable someone with mobility challenges to get in and out of their vehicle.”

     – By Jo Kuhlmeyer (Arizona)

“I highly recommend this product…makes gettting in and out of the car much easier for my 98 year old Aunt.”

     – By Marci Browne (Hawaii) 

We hope you enjoy your CarCaddie, and if you have trouble standing anywhere else in the home (like the couch or toilet) – feel free to visit our website at for more handy tools for easy standing!

Enjoy the journey & Be Independent!

– Derek Miller, Stander

P.S. If you want more support than the CarCaddie, check out the Metro Car Handle Plus!

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