a tribute to our fearless leader

Traversing this unprecedented worldwide pandemic has been nothing short of a nightmare for the leaders of our countries, businesses, healthcare organizations and so on.  

I do not envy a single CEO, President, or leader in just about any major capacity in the world right now. It seems as if they are having to make lose-lose choices that affect both the short term & long term well-being of people and the organizations that they lead. 

The chaos and uncertainty have brought me to reflection on the life and leadership of our “Fearless Leader” that we lost much too soon two years ago. 

It makes me wonder how Jan would have reacted and led her employees and business through this extraordinary time. But even as I write this, I realize that her leadership & care is still present within the walls of our building and with each of Stander’s employees. Jan’s mission was always to provide the world products that kept people independent and comfortably aging in their home. Secondly and maybe even more important to Jan was to provide opportunities for others around her to succeed and develop within her business. 

Jan personally hired me seven Years ago. For five years I watched as Jan took on every challenge thrown her way. I watched as she fearlessly took on industry giants, lawyers, and every setback that small businesses face in this country. I watched as she took it all on with a smile on her face and a relentlessly positive attitude about the future. I watched as she fulfilled her own personal goals and those of her business. 

One blog post is not anywhere near enough to describe and articulate all the good that has come from Jan Miller’s life. It cannot even scratch the surface. But I realize now that Jan’s Leadership is still having a positive effect on our business as we face Covid-19. Because of Jan’s fearless attitude Stander’s future is bright. Her two goals of helping people age in place and providing opportunities to her employees and friends are growing at a rapid rate. She has setup her successors and company for long term success. 

I feel grateful that I was able to know and work with Jan. I know her life and legacy impacted thousands of people both directly and indirectly.  

As you research Stander, read our blog posts, and shop our products, we want you to know where it all came from.  

It all came from Jan, our Fearless Leader.