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What is a Home Safety Evaluation?

A Home Safety Evaluation is designed to help caregivers to identify potential fall risks and other dangers that might exist in and around the home of their aging loved ones.

Home Safety Evaluations are common amongst those who prefer to age in place at home rather than move to a senior community. A home not specifically designed for senior living often presents fall risks that need to be addressed before home-living can occur.

Assessing each room in the home for potential dangers is a crucial step to ensure that aging in place is a safe option for your loved one.

Once dangers have been assessed in every part of the home, plans should be made and put into place to overcome every hazard that has been identified.

Solutions may include full or partial home renovations or the use of home safety equipment like grab bars, walkers, bed rails, and standing aids.


1. Sign-up and download the Home Safety Evaluation Checklist or view it as a webpage.

2. Go through the Home Safety Evaluation with your loved one. Answer the questions about each room in the home, making note of each fall danger that is identified.

3. Watch our videos and read through our blog resources to help identify solutions to overcome all fall dangers.

4. Make a plan with your loved one to overcome each identified fall risk.

5. If necessary, consult with a doctor, occupation therapist, or care manager to come up with a plan tailored to your situation.

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