Choosing a Father’s Day gift for an elderly dad or grandpa can be a difficult task. It can be hard to know where to begin, but with a little thought and planning you can find the perfect idea for your aging loved one. Whether you are looking for something fun or something to make their life a little easier, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Begin by Asking Questions

Finding the perfect gift may require us to get a little creative and think about how he spends his time. We can begin by asking ourselves questions about him, such as:

    • What are his interests or hobbies?
    • Is he a gardener or like to do things outside?
    • Is he active?
    • Does he enjoy quiet time in his home?
    • What is something he has been talking about doing but has not got around to?
    • Is there a task that has been difficult for him to do at home?

With some of these questions answered, we can know whether we want to get him something fun or something useful that aligns with his interests and needs.

Personalized Gifts

Small, thoughtful gifts can be found that to keep your elderly father or granddad entertained and comfortable at home. Audiobooks are fun to listen to and help to pass time spent alone. Jigsaw puzzles can be found with large pieces to help those who are losing dexterity in their hands or those who are visually impaired. Model cars, trains, and planes or indoor plants can also be fun, new hobbies for an aging adult. Weighted blankets are proven to help relieve stress and anxiety, while heated blankets and compressions socks help to reduce tightness and pain in muscles.

Everyone appreciates a well-thought out and personalized gift. You may consider putting in some time and coming up with something customized for your father or grandfather. Photo albums full of old family photos or calendars with old pictures from his life are fun ways to ignite old memories. You can even order customized large-print playing cards, personalized puzzles, or refrigerator magnets on websites such as Shutterfly. If children or grandchildren are available, they can be asked to write and illustrate short stories that can be read together with their grandfather. The possibilities for personalized and meaningful gifts are endless!

Gifts that Make Life Easier

Perhaps there is a particular task around the home that is particularly difficult for your dad or grandpa. This could be anything from getting out of the shower to lifting the leg rest on his recliner. While no one likes to admit that they are getting older and need help with household tasks, aids to daily living improve day-to-day life and will be appreciated. Consider these ideas to better the life of your loved one:

    • Assist-A-TrayThe Assist-A-Tray combines functionality with convenience. The large standing handle provides support and balance while getting up from your chair, while the over-sized bamboo tray table allows the user to eat, craft, or work from their favorite chair.
    • Metro Car Handle Plus: Getting in and out of a car can be one of the most difficult tasks for a senior. The Metro Car Handle Plus offers a stable grab bar for extra leverage while getting in or out of a vehicle.
    • Recliner Lever Extender: Every dad loves his recliner, unless it’s too difficult to raise the leg rest. The Lever Extender adds a large, ergonomic handle to any wooden recliner lever to ease the task of lifting the leg rest.
    • EZ Fold-N-Go Walker: The EZ Fold-N-Go Walker is the most lightweight and portable walker in the world. It’s narrow footprint enable it to navigate small passages and doorways in the home. With the lift of a finger, the 8-pound frame folds like an umbrella stroller, making it convenient to take in the car or store in a closet.
    • Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar: A transfer pole, like the Security Pole, can be temporarily installed anywhere in the home for transfers out of the tub, off the toilet, out of bed, or into a chair.
    • Golden Technologies Lift Chair: A lift chair is a wonderful way to promote independence in an older individual. Golden Technologies offers a wide range of comfortable and attractive lift chairs that would improve the comfort and independence of any senior.

For additional ideas of gifts that will improve quality of life, click here.

Quality Time

One of the best gifts we can to anyone, regardless of age, is the gift of time spent together. However, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and health restrictions, it may not be possible to take your father or grandfather on an enjoyable outing for Father’s Day. However, there are plenty of fun activities that you can do at home to celebrate with him. If he is an active body, lawn games such as cornhole and horseshoes are a good way to enjoy friendly competition. Bird watching and gardening can be less-involved ways to spend time outside while enjoying one another’s company. Maybe he would prefer a day inside watching a movie together, playing card games or board games, and ordering takeout from his favorite restaurant.