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Company News:


Executive Message:

Welcome back from the holiday of gratitude. I hope each of you had valuable time with your family. Troy and I feel so fortunate to work with people that we view as family. We have an incredible team and a bright outlook. My dream, is that every one of you love the people and the space you work in, and that you have passion, success and joy in your work with Stander. I like Vince Lombardi sayings “Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.” “ Individual commitment to a group effort , that is what makes a team work , a company work, a society work , a civilization work.” Thank you for your commitment to our team!

Jan Miller 

General News:

Building on schedule for city approval first week of January. Move in scheduled for 2nd week of January.

Main Conference Room
New Shelving
Downstairs Upstairs
Future BBQ Pad & Turf Field


The launch of Signature Life received a great response at MedTrade! Thanks for all the hard work everyone put in to get Signature Life product line launched!




Recent Events:

In October before MedTrade, we celebrated halloween by going to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk where we enjoyed the pumpkin display, hot chocolate, and donuts! Thanks everyone for coming!


Upcoming Events:

Stander Christmas Party – Monday, December 19th from 6:00pm-8:30pm at the Logan River Golf Course.

Christmas day off: Monday December 26th

New Years day off: Monday January 2nd



Customer Service/Warehouse:

Shipping: I think the cavers Rob, Parker and Shum all deserve a big thanks for CMA (Covering my assets) while we were all out in Atlanta.  Its easy for us to forget what keeps us going when we are all gone like this.  They all put in extra hours and efforts to make sure things went as smoothly as possible.  This also happened to land on an Amazon and Walgreens week and to give you an idea amazon usually takes a collective 8-12 office hours plus another 10+ warehouse hours to complete.  Shum covered this for us while the Parkers covered him with the normal shipping and phone calls.  Then to top it off they spent the week following getting all the orders in and matching them up and trying to make sense of all our chicken scratch that came back.  It’s a big deal and often goes un-thanked.  So thank you guys who stayed back to keep us going strong.

Accounting: Parker continues to get numbers at an all-time low for us (That’s a good thing)  He is doing his MC Hammer thing and dropping the hammer down on all late pays.  Hammer don’t hurt em.

Warehouse: Another big shout out to the Warehouse guys for getting everything reworked for the Sig Life Launch.  They have been working tirelessly with Corey and Adam to make sure the products are ready to go.  All while working full hours to do their normal work.  Each of the warehouse guys have stayed late or come in early to work separately on these projects.  These are the kind of things behind the scenes that keep us rolling up front with sales.

Taylor: Went and attended a new category or us in Auto Sales in Vegas at the Apex show.   He is working this week with follow-up to try and make some good contacts and options for us. 



Medtrade in Atlanta was a HUGE success! Thank you for everyone’s extra mile effort to make it one of the best tradeshows we’ve ever had!

Matt & Troy went to Oregon on a sales road trip to visit and setup dealers on the new dealer starter package with much success and sold 4-5 new starter packages

Troy went to Grand Rapids Michigan to visit Meijer and Airway Oxygen

Troy also just recently got back from Green Bay visiting Shopko, and several Lake Court customers in that area

Matt just got back from Texas where he was able to visit several dealers

Jed & Jan made a trip to Pennsylvania to visit Amerisource Bergen, one of our hottest wholesalers right now!

Dave went to the Baltimore/DC area and did a training and ridealongs with Acuity for about a week

Dave also went to North and South Carolina to the Smith Drug show, met with Mutual Drug, and visited several dealers in the area



Troy and Adam recently received Advanced training in SolidWorks computer modeling.


Personal News:


Customer Service/Warehouse:

Tis the season for babies, there must be something in the water at the cave.

  • Parker Rose is having a girl
  • Kyle Shumway’s wife is pregnant
  • Nate is having a girl

Jake – Spent the weekend in sunny Arizona at a Von Willebrand Bleeders conference.  All expenses paid by the pharmaceutical company that provides the treatment.  Since my family was so large they opted to move us out of the suite and into the villa on the edge of the property with our own private pool and hot tub.  Silver linings.  Don’t get too jealous, I did have to sit through two days of classes on menstruation.  I am now an expert in the field, and feel much like Peter Griffin after he attended the Sensitivity-training program for women.

Taylor – Has found a new hobby since his last one didn’t pan out (Hunting).  He is now the newest member of the Dave Ramsey fan club and is actively making his money work for him.  If anyone has any hot stock tips send them his way.

Rose – Is preparing for his child.  He is having a girl.  He is also building a new chopper.  He is working on a side car so he can mount a car seat.

Rob – Is doing his civic duty and has been on jury duty from Monday to Thursday.  He told us he was going to try to get out of it but secretly he wanted to get paid to judge people since he normally does it for free.

Shum – Shum has a newly pregnant wife also.   There must be something in the water at the cave. 

Nate – Nate is painting in a line at the bottom of all the “U” on his clothes turning them into a Y in preparation to become a cougar.

Kelton – Is still dating around the clock.  He has been attending what he calls “events” aka dates with the ladies.  He is also going Pheasant hunting soon.  Lets hope he is a better shot than Jake and Taylor.

Spencer – Has recently purchased some more pigs to raise through the winter.  He is quickly turning into Wade when it comes to being a farmer.  His Lab also had puppies this week.  Just in time to go home for Christmas so if anyone wants a chocolate lab…



Jed chipped his tooth eating a pistachio (ouch!)

Matt just got back from a steaming hot vacation with his wife in Texas…no literally, it was like 90 degrees, right Matt?

Kyle’s wife already has Christmas setup a week before Thanksgiving

Dave enjoyed thanksgiving dinner 6 times this year

Justin’s girlfriend gave him the old, “I don’t know if I should go on a mission?” routine just some Justin will say, “Ya, I don’t think you should go either” but the seminary teacher in him just can’t encourage someone to not go…what a guy!

Steve is still in the market for a new house, Smithfield is looking pretty sparse with everyone else from Stander living up there, so he might have to look at moving to someplace a little warmer like Logan

Cole is loving college, but is preparing to be a Stander sales team “Life-er” by killing it at his first tradeshow at Medtrade in Atlanta a few weeks ago

Troy’s wife has already setup Christmas as well, but unfortunately it sounds like she lost the “first one to get Christmas setup” award to Kyle’s wife Taylor



Adam just finished a half marathon and loves to run.  Adam is looking forward to the ski season.

Troy is just finishing the golf season and will have to consider skiing again.


The Rest Of Us:

Farmer Wade has been busy getting his farm ready for winter

Derek is planning a trip to Thialand to get all of their vacationing under their belt before they have another dog

Marissa, a recent college graduate, got her designs into a national trade show where her booth design won the MedTrade Creative Concepts Award.

Jan is building up her food storage, she helped organize a fundraising dinner for CAPSA at Malouf, and she also won her bet with Brandon on who would be president.

Brandon losing his bet with Jan, here is his punishment – “All Trumped Up”



Training: Proposition 65



Our Attorney suggests that we only answer the question the customer is asking.  Providing more information than the customer requested may only lead to more questions.


1.  Why does my product say “Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm”?

This statement is legal text required by a California law called “Proposition 65.”   Proposition 65 applies to over 900 different man-made and naturally occurring chemicals and products.   For example, products like “aspirin” are on the Proposition 65 list and both man-made and naturally occurring metals are on the list.   We are required to use the text when one or more chemicals or products are in products that we sell to California consumers.

2.  Do all of your products have a warning?

Yes, all of our products include one or more of the Proposition 65 listed chemicals or products.

3.  Why do your competitors’ products not have a warning?

All companies that sell products into California have to comply with Proposition 65.  We cannot comment on the reasons why other companies choose not to provide a Proposition 65 warning.

4.  What is Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 is a California “right to know” law that requires companies to tell consumers if their products contain one or more of the chemicals on the State’s list.

5.  Why is the warning on a product I purchased outside of California?

We don’t always know where a distributor or retailer may re-sell one of our products.  We have put the warning on all of our products to ensure that all the products we sell are fully compliant with Proposition 65 in the event they end up in California.

6.  What chemicals are in my product?

There are more than 900 chemicals on the State’s list and our customer service team does not have a list of all chemicals in all products.  Sometimes a listed chemical is present in trace quantities or is present due to another product or chemical that we use as an ingredient or raw material.  

7.  Does this product cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm?

Personal cancer risk is a matter of individual determination.  As a “right to know” law, a Proposition 65 warning is supposed to advise a consumer that a product contains a listed chemical.  Proposition 65 warnings are required even when the amount of a chemical is 1/1000th of the amount that scientific studies have documented show no observable effect on reproductive health.


  • Instead of “cancer warning”, I would always refer to it as the “California Proposition 65 warning.”  That makes it clear that the warning is because of some specific California law and it is not reiterating or heightening the impact of the word “cancer.”  
  • Refrain from saying “Stander does not know if their products contain one of the 900 chemicals.”  That is the equivalent of saying that the warning language on the products (which says the product does contain a chemical) is untrue – – i.e. that you have false labeling.  It’s difficult to envision a consumer claim for false labeling because the root of those causes of action is that the customer would not have purchased the product if the customer knew the labeling was false.  That theory is nonsensical in this context.  The California Attorney General’s office hates prophylactic warnings because they saturate the marketplace and make the warnings meaningless.  I have not yet seen them bring a lawsuit against anyone.  It would likely be for unfair business practices but the same problems with proving harm exist as with a consumer claim.  
  • That said, remember that the State of California is adopting new warning regulations that will take effect in 2 years.  Those regulations will require companies to list a specific chemical in the warning AND will prohibit companies from publishing information that contradicts the warning.  Saying “Stander does not know if their products contain one of the 900 chemicals,” could be used against the Company in several ways when the new regulations take effect.  First, at that time, Stander will need to list a chemical in its warning and enterprising plaintiffs’ lawyers will challenge whether you really know that’s the right chemical to list.  You do not want to publicly say something now that will suggest in the future that you are simply guessing as to which chemical to warn about.  Second, stating that the warning is false is a contradiction of the warning language.  Even now, if you have a warning on the products but are publicly saying that the warning is not true, an enterprising plaintiffs’ lawyer may come after you on the grounds that your warning is not clear and reasonable because you have completely undercut it.  I have not seen that happen but would caution against inviting that response.
  • Lastly, I would avoid disparaging the plaintiffs’ lawyers.  Many of them are consumer class action attorneys in addition to Prop 65 attorneys.  They pursue companies for false advertising who market products as “safe”, “effective,” “healthy,” “premium,” etc.  Those class actions are often just as frivolous as Prop 65 cases but much more expensive to defend and settle.  Some consumer protection laws provide for 3x damages for products that target the elderly.  I would not invite a fight with plaintiffs’ counsel which might make the company a target of their litigation.


Just For Fun: Jed’s Traveling Nightmare

– by Dave Webb

Jed and I had just finished a trade show in Chicago and were waiting for our flight home.  We were waiting in the terminal when the pilot came over the speaker saying our flight had been delayed because part of the wing fell off the plane on its way to Chicago.  Jed immediately got a call from Delta re-scheduling us for a different flight.  We got rerouted through Atlanta but were still going to get home that night.  I was assigned the window seat and Jed got the middle seat.  The aisle seat next to Jed was empty and Jed and I were getting excited that we were going to be able to spread out a bit…  

Well, right before the plane door was closed a petite older lady came staggering onto the plane.  As she sat down next to Jed it was immediately evident that she had been drinking prior to boarding the plane.  She was wearing a large “Kentucky Derby” style hat that as soon as she sat down she laid it on Jed’s feet.  For the next hour, Jed would slide her hat back over onto her feet and she would pass it back.  During the beverage service, she purchased 2 bottles of Alcohol and chugged them down.  I started watching a movie and forgot about what was going on.  

A little while later Jed started to shift in his seat and began to lean closer to me he then nudged me with his elbow and said “Are you seeing this?”  The lady next to him had passed out because of the alcohol and began to lay on Jed’s shoulder.  He politely leaned her back over onto her seat just to have her come right back over within 30 seconds. 

Jed stopped a flight attendant to have her help with the current situation.  To his surprise the attendant said “What would you like me to do about it?”  Jed responded with “I thought you would have experience in these types of situations and could help me out.”  She countered with “You just want me to be the bad guy don’t you.”  She woke her up and said “You are laying on your neighbor here and you need to sit up.”  The drunk lady began to laugh and jokingly laid back down on Jed and said “Don’t you enjoy it?”  She was awake for about 5 minutes before she passed out again. 

This time she sprawled out and had her legs hanging into the aisle.  Two rows in front of us was a special needs gentleman that needed to go to the restroom so the attendants needed to bring a small wheelchair down the aisle to help him.  The attendants rolled the chair down the aisle but couldn’t get the wheelchair past our drunken friend.  They softly nudged her to ask her to move her legs. She didn’t respond to them so the nudged her a little harder and HARDER until she woke up and moved her legs.  The whole time this is going on she is still somehow moving her hat over onto Jed’s feet and he is sliding it back over. It was priceless!

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