Company Newsletter: February 2017

 Executive Message:


I’m very proud of the work that you are doing to make Stander a force for good in the world. We touch millions of lives by creating safety and independence for the Elderly. 

This fall we unveiled the Signature Life brand winning over customers even faster than we had hoped. Stander is first to market with a brand that will overcome the Brick and Mortar Stores challenges with online competition. It was truly a team effort

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Stander. Our new Office/Warehouse is a symbol of our fortunate success. Success comes from hard work, persistence and a bit of good luck.

Our company values are centered around Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Mind- Mastery and Satisfaction of Work,
  • Body- Discipline with Hard Work, Fitness, and Health of our Bodies
  • Spirit- Customer Service, Teamwork and Positivity

Have Fun, Work Hard and Be Legendary!

Jan Miller 

Announcements & Events:



  • The Stander Fitness Challenge will start on March 6th! See Fitness Challenge Rules below.


Recent Events:


ECRM was great success again this year!  Troy, Kyle, and Jed all attended the 3 day show in Baltimore.  They were able to meet with about 50 existing and new customers in a 20 minute speed dating format to discuss plans to grow current business, and create plans for new ones.  Customers like Walgreens, Discount Drug Mart, CareLinc Medical, ABC, Lawton’s Canada,, etc were in attendance.

Upcoming Events:


Medtrade Las Vegas:Monday February 27th – Wednsday March 1st




Training: Arming & Disarming The Security Alarm  


Video Notes:

Alarm code: 6666

Auto Arm Times:

  • The system will automatically arm at 10:30pm. If you are in the building at this time, you will hear beeping and you have 70 seconds to disarm the alarm
  • If you want to disable the alarm, enter (code + 1(off))
  • Important: If staying past 10:30 pm, you need to arm the alarm before you leave (code + 2(away)) 
  • Important: If you are the first one here and it’s after 8am, use your key fob to open the door (your key will disable the alarm)

Arm the system: Code + 2 (away)

  • You have 70 seconds to get out. If you’re racing it, the motion sensors can reset the countdown.

Disarm the alarm: Code + 1 (off)

If the Alarm goes off:

  • It will go off for 6 minutes then shut down, we will get a call from the security company and they will ask for the secret code to verify identity (Code = Respect1 or 6666)
  • It will say “Alarm” on the keypad, put your code in and 1 (off) to silence it
  • It will still say “Alarm”, and it wants you to acknowledge those alarms by pressing the star button to scroll through, and inputting the Code + 1 (off) a second time, and repeat until it clears alarms to disarm (green “ready” light)

If you are here after 10:30 pm, you have to arm the alarm before you leave (Code + 2 (away))

If you accidentally set it off, you have to call the number on the keypad and verify who you are (your name and the code: Respect1 or 6666) to cancel the alarm

If batteries ever go low, it will warn you the battery is low (requires 123 lithium battery), call the monitoring service before you do it because the alarm with go off for tampering

Fitness Challenge

Whether you’re looking to shed some winter weight, get rid of your dad-bod, or look as sexy as Tay Tay… Look no further. The Stander Fitness Challenge is here!


Fitness Challenge Rules

Starting Date: March 6th – Measure your % body fat on Monday March 6th at NutriShop: 81 E 1600 N, Logan, UT 84341 (NutriShop is kindly providing discounts for Stander Employees)

Ending Date: May 1st (total = 8 weeks)

5 Teams (Separated by departments)

Team 1: Customer Service

  • Jake
  • Taylor
  • Parker Robison
  • Spencer
  • Cameron

Team 2: Customer Service

  • Parker Rose
  • Kyle Shumway
  • Ethan
  • Kelton
  •  Gabe

Team 3: Sales        

  • Dave
  • Matt
  • Jed
  • Steve
  • Patrick
  • Bryce

Team 4: Sales & Engineering

  • Troy H.
  • Kyle
  • Justin
  • Adam
  • Quinn

Team 5: Executives & Creatives

  • Jan
  • Brandon
  • Wade
  • Derek
  • Marissa


Team Challenges: 4 Two-Week Mini-Challenges

Only Stander teams can compete (except for the spouse challenge), each person on the winning team gets a prize.

Exercise Challenge – 30 minutes a day earns you one point (every teams score is divided into total points possible for a fair measurement). Chart your exercise in the “Exercise and Water Challenge” tab in the following excel sheet (be sure bookmark this link in your browser for easy access):

  • Prize: $25 Gift Card/person

Healthy Food Challenge – Submit meals and recipes to [email protected] (judged by panel), team with the most healthy meals wins (can only submit 3 meals/day per person max)

  • Prize: $25 Gift Card/person

Water Challenge – Each day you hit your recommended water intake = 1 point. Calculate your recommended water intake here ( Chart your points in the “Exercise and Water Challenge” tab in the following excel sheet (be sure bookmark this link in your browser for easy access):

  • Prize: $25 Gift Card/person

Couples Challenge – Average % of % body fat lost between couples, single people can still compete. Measure at NutriShop on Monday April 17th to compete.

  • Prize: $25 Gift Card/person

Individual Challenges

Steps Challenge – Most steps wins. Chart your steps here (be sure bookmark this link in your browser for easy access):

  • Prize: $100 Gift Card

Grand Prize – Total % of % body fat lost – Measure your % body fat on Monday May 1st at NutriShop: 81 E 1600 N, Logan, UT 84341

Winning Team Prize: $25 each + Lunch for winning team

Individual Winner Prize: $200 – $250 prize (winner gets to pick the prize he wants below)

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