Why is it a “NO BRAINER ” to carry Stander?





Dealer Application

icon resellers dealer application

Our products are a No-Brainer because they're guaranteed to increase your Cash Sales. We offer premium products with the best guarantee in the industry, so if you're a good fit, click here for our Reseller Application.

Product Training

icon resellers product training

Our product training has tripled sales with other dealers, so if you want to elevate your sales game - click here to watch our sales training.

POP Display

icon resellers pop displays

Our POP displays are a No-Brainer, because it can increase product sales by up to 300%. Click here to see how you can qualify for a Free POP.


icon resellers resources

To download product images, videos, testimonials, descriptions, and other product information, click here.

Marketing Materials

icon resellers marketing materials

If you'd like more marketing materials to increase Stander sales, click here for brochures, catalogs, posters, DVDs and more.

Sell-Through Guarantee

icon resellers guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to sell-through, or we'll replace it with something that is, so there's No-Risk on your part. And that lifetime guarantee extends to your customers; so you sell Stander products with confidence because you know they are backed by the BEST guarantee in the industry.

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