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Security Pole & Grab Bar EZ Adjust Bed Rail Assist-A-Tray Metro Travel Walker Metro Car Handle Plus

Really Helps me be SAFE! Easy to Install!!, August 11, 2009 By C. Harper "pianomaster" (New Hampshire)
I am a very indepedent minded 80 year old. I like to be able to take care of myself and am still quite active. Recently, getting in and out of my tub-shower combination has gotten to be difficult and maybe even a little dangerous because of my unsteadiness and muscle weakness. I found myself waiting until someone else was in the house with me before I would bathe becuase I was scared of having a fall without anyone around. A friend recommended a Stander pole like the one she uses. I bought one, installed it myself, it was so quick and easy,I almost could not believe it! Ever since then, I bathe and shower whenever I want to, regardless of if I am alone. It is very stable and well made. I wish I'd had this 5 years ago.

Perfect, November 9, 2011 By  K. Dilling (Cusick, WA)
I got two of these poles for my Dad. Had purchased a different make of pole earlier and these are much better. Easy to install and to move. Great product.

Great product, June 6, 2012 By Lois June Wright
My husband got one of these security poles from the occupational therapist and our insurance paid for it. We had it near his chair. I thought it would be helpful to also have one by the bed. But he needs it to help steady himself once he stands. It stays in place well without using screws into the ceiling. If the grab bar doesn't stay in position, just tighten the knob. I'm so glad we found this and now have 2 to make life easier for both of us. My husband said "it's the best thing since sliced bread"!






Help at Last!, March 19, 2007 By J. Phillips "JaJaNos" (Florida)
We ordered this adjustable rail just in time! My mother fell the next week and fractured her back. This rail is well made, sturdy--neat in appearance,fits well on a craftmatic-type adjustable bed, and can be dropped below the side for easy reach to the patient or loved one. Also, elderly people often have little strength in their hands and mother has no difficulty in pushing the buttons to extend the rail for added safety.

Wonderful product...., March 15, 2008 By Susan "loverofbooks"
The company's description is perfect and easy to understand so that when you place your order, you fully know what to expect. I ordered this item for my dad who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and we became worried about his falling out of bed.
It's wonderful, convenient and keeps dad safe...what more could we ask for....Susan

Helpful to keep some one safe, January 12, 2008 By Linda G. Moss "Pagan Seeker" (Nashville. TN USA)
This is a great idea when you need a rail that is a little longer. You can use the longer lenght while asleep. Slide it back shorter to make it easy to get in and out of bed. This has helped keep my mother from sliding out of bed since she tends to sleep right on the edge. It is very easy to adjust.




Great product!, June 8, 2010 By Dietra A. Tewalt "ursulamajor" (Virginia)
My Dad is fine sitting down and walking, but the transition between the two was starting to get a bit scary and wobbly. I found this product and even though he balked when I brought it over, he has found it very helpful. My brother came over and did some fine tuning so it was very steady and it has indeed helped my Dad get up from his "sittin' chair" with better confidence. He no longer has to carry the tv tray around, since he can just swing this one away and he doesn't complain about losing his crossword pencil anymore. It's also a good looking unit. We're all very pleased with the Standers Assist-a-Tray.

Helpful and Aesthetically Pleasant Assist-A-Tray!, August 11, 2009 By Beau Hunter "HydroEngineer" (Portland, OR)
I am impressed by the high quality and superior appearance of this assist. Many medical products are functional, but ugly eyesores. This is not one of those. It looks right at home with my leather couch and Brazillian hardwood floors and is not immediately recognizable as a medical or assistive device. I experience bouts of immobility and pain due to a back injury, so being able to sit in the same chair to eat, use my computer and watch television or read is a huge plus for me. I hate being stuck in bed during the day and this product has helped lessen that. It works very well to lean on or pull against when rising from my chair and as a balance and stability support when I sit down. This is definitely a five star purchase for me!






By amr-golf November 13, 2011
I bought this for my Father, who needs a little extra help getting out of the car. He said it is the best tool he has had. It stores easily in the glove box and slides into place on the door frame without a problem. I highly reccomend this to anyone needing a little extra leverage getting in and out of the car.

A great and simple invention for getting out of our vehicle, October 11, 2011 By barb12
What an fantastic aid to get out of the car! My Mom and I are so happy to find this useful grip. Recommend it for anyone who has the least amount of difficulty to step out of your vehicle.
If the price was less; I would consider buying a second handle so one can be stored in the side pockets of both doors. Then no one has to reach so far into the car or walk all around the car to get to the handle. We don't want to carry it around in a purse or bag.
We love it!



          METRO WALKER
Strong but Remarkably Lightweight!, August 10, 2009 By Beau Hunter "HydroEngineer" (Portland, OR)
I had ordered the Assist-a-Tray, made by this same company, and was really thrilled with it, so I bought the metro walker and it is the LIGHTEST, most contemporary looking, least obtrusive walker I have ever seen! It is SO EASY to fold and unfold, I can do it myself, in spite of my pain and mobility problems. It is very well made; strong and sturdy, so I feel safe with my wieght on it, but it still fits easily in the backseat of my car. The Artesian Amber color I ordered is so modern and unusual for a walker that i feel like it is almost a luxury item. I am very happy with this walker!

Cleverly designed walker for narrow doors and travel, August 23, 2010 By S. Goldstein (Vienna, VA)
I ordered the Metro Walker for an Internet-challenged friend whose 88-year-old mother had fallen and was recuperating from surgery to repair a fractured vertebra. So, I have not used it personally. But, the mother reports that she can get through her 19-inch wide bathroom door, where previously she could not because other walkers are too wide. And, also, she relates that she can fold it easily and take it along in the car. The cleverness of the design is mainly the way that the wheels are mounted on the INSIDES of the leg struts rather than on the outsides as in just about any other walker that is available. The folding mechanism on this walker is designed for easy use and compactness when folded, and it is light in weight for easy portability, even by a rather frail person.

Perfect for small apartment, March 3, 2012 By Asia (Baltimore, MD)
When my 91 years old mother fell down in December and then in January I realized I have to find something appropriate for her small apartment. I found this walker and she is very happy with it. Easy to fold, easy to carry, very light in weight, practically goes through any narrow space.





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