We’re not talking about how to stop aging or keep the candles on your birthday cake below 40 forever. When we say “stay young” we mean how to keep the livelihood and independence in your life. Here are some tips that can apply to any age!

  • Make new goals.
    Dream big and make goals for yourself! Using your imagination will keep your mind active and help inspire you to stay active and capable of accomplishing your dreams.
  • Read more.
    Reduce stress, improve your memory, learn more, expand your vocabulary… these are all great benefits of reading more. Bonus: reading is an inexpensive hobby that can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Play!
    Aren’t we all a little jealous of the endless energy little kids seem to have? Spend some time joining them in their favorite activities. Whether it’s playing catch in the back yard or learning a new trick on their favorite video game. Recreation is an important part of life. Release stress and build your relationships with those you care about.
  • Exercise.
    Active living helps to connect your mind and your body. Regular physical activity helps to lower your risk for a variety of conditions. Find adaptable exercise routines that fit your needs to help you look and feel younger.
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Having a senior in the home is not all that different from having a new baby. You want to do everything you can to protect them and make their home a safe environment. Perhaps for different reasons, but you’ve got to keep clutter off the floor. For babies, taking a tumble is not as much of a concern because their center of gravity is so much closer to the ground. However, people above the age of 75 are much more likely to cause some serious damage when they fall. Here are some tips for preventing falls:

  • Regular Exercise: low-impact things like yoga can help to strengthen muscles and improve balance.
  • Vision Checks: see an optometrist at least once each year.
  • Bone Strength: stock up on foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D.
  • Med Check: have your pharmacist look over your current prescriptions for anything that may cause dizziness.
  • Safe Home: make your living area safer by removing clutter and adding grab bars and other mobility products.


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Start with the medicine cabinet
I don’t know about you, but the medicine cabinet at my house has collected a few expired prescriptions over the years. Properly disposing unnecessary and expired medications is a great cleaning tip for anyone with seniors (or children) in their home. Make it easy for those in your care to independently find their own medications without a chance of accidentally grabbing the wrong pills.

Organize your to-do list
Sit down with your senior parent or grandparent and talk about which bills they need to pay, which regular appointments they need to get to, and other needs in these areas. Helping them set up automatic payments or putting medication reminders in their phone can help to make your job easier and help them to stay on top of all their personal needs.

Maybe this seems obvious, but it can be really easy for little “necessary” items to collect and start to become clutter. Get rid of some of those old magazines or get a magazine rack to store them in! Keeping clutter out of the areas that senior adults frequently walk through will help to prevent falls.

Help them simplify their cell-phone
One-on-one cell phone lessons with your senior parent can help them to feel more comfortable with using their phone. Go through their contacts with them and delete any unnecessary numbers, then set up favorites for the people they’ll need to call the most. Don’t forget to set up their phone’s ICE (In Case of Emergency) feature. Teach them how to access their favorite contacts, how to use helpful apps for seniors, and how to restart their phone.


What other spring cleaning activities have you done?

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“Purchased the pole for my 92 year old father. Placed by bed to help in and out. [It] works very well. [J]ust purchased another for by the toilet and a recline lever extender. [V]ery pleased with construction and ease of installation and use.” – Clarence

“The security pole & grab bar is an excellent idea. It can be installed anywhere without having to do any modification in your house. I installed it near the toilet in the bathroom so my daughter could pass from the wheelchair to the toilet by herself. She is still [too weak] to do it without help but we hope she will be able to to it in the future. Anyway, it gives her a sense of security that she can hold on the grab bar if in danger of falling. I definitely recommend this product.” – Manuel

“It is so much easier to get in and out of bed as this was a real problem before I purchased this. It also helps when I have to reach for something at the night table. I feel safe.” – Irene

“I purchased this for my elderly father [who] recently had fusion back surgery and also has Parkinson’s. He was having a very difficult time getting in and out of bed. [With] fusion surgery there is no bending [or] twisting. He is now able to get in and now out of bed without the help of my mother. Thank you for this product. He has his independence back!” – Duwaine

“I purchased this product for my husband for our bathroom. I have [a] small bathroom and the Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar has assisted my husband with both standing from the toilet and getting in and out of the shower. It’s a great product. I feel secure knowing my husband is safe in the bathroom.” – Linda

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What sets Stander apart from the rest?
Our mobility aids are beautifully designed, extremely convenient, and safer to use than traditional mobility aids. In fact, we have some of the most convenient mobility aids on the market. Including…

EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

Most lightweight and portable walker in the world for easy traveling


Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar
This 2-in-1 grab bar that can be placed anywhere in the home (next to the toilet, bathtub, couch, or bed) for extra support, and doesn’t require drilling holes in the floor or ceiling because it’s tension mounted (no professional installation)

EZ Adjust Bed Rail
Usually people don’t like the idea of a bed rail on their bed because they feel like it’s intrusive. It’s not as intrusive as a full size bed rail. It’s the only bed rail on the market that extends in length for fall protection at night. And, it can fold down when not in use for easy bed making.


Couch-side handle helps you stand, and it comes with a convenient swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by.


Metro Car Handle Plus
The most effective mobility aid to help you sit & stand from your car.

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Perhaps Stress Awareness Day is actually kind of a funny holiday. I mean, if you’re stressed, you’re probably pretty aware of it, right? But maybe you’re not aware of how to best handle stress. Here are some stress-relieving tips to help you and your family.

1. Do your best and stop feeling guilty
Whether you’re a parent, a caregiver, or both, life can get pretty stressful. Here’s a secret: nobody is a perfect parent and nobody is a perfect caregiver. Do your best and then let the guilt go. Nobody expects you to be perfect.

Focus on one thing at a time, let yourself take a minute for some deep breaths, focus on the positive, be grateful for what you have, get a hug from a loved one, stretch or dance it out. When a problem arises, you don’t have to solve it right away. Take a minute to allow your cortisol (stress hormone) levels to balance out.

3. Make a list
Not only will this help you prioritize the tasks that are stressing you out, but list-writing engages a different part of your brain. When you write a list, your brain focuses on organizing and problem-solving in a way that actually lessens anxiety.

4. Take a break
Just because you’re the caregiver, the mom, the dad, etc. doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Sometimes, you need a break. Turn to your spouse, your siblings, your parents and ask them to help you out for a day. Take a mini vacation, go to Target by yourself, do something that takes away your responsibilities for a day and let yourself let go.

5.  Exercise
Working up some endorphins will help you to relieve your stress and it can also provide an activity for you to do with your family. Simple exercise videos can be found all over youtube. Here’s an exercise video that seniors can do while sitting down. This could be easily adapted for children to participate as well.

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Being a caregiver can be an overwhelming task at times. As a caregiver, you spend much of your day nurturing and sometimes it can be difficult if you’re not receiving nurturing in return. Here are some quotes we discovered on Pinterest that we really love. We hope these will remind you that what you’re doing really does make a difference – even on the days when it gets hard.

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“Worry about yourself!”

Sometimes being “independent” is seen as a stubborn thing. It’s pretty cute how much the little girl in this video wants to take care of herself. As a parent, wouldn’t you want to make sure she was buckled into her seat correctly? Maybe the best way to allow little August to be independent is to give her the right tools and knowledge to let her safely buckle herself in.

As caregivers, we worry about those in our care. We want them to feel independent and “worry about themselves” to the best of their abilities. Sometimes, that requires a little assistance to help them gain the knowledge and tools that will allow them to be independent. Driving a car is a skill that helps anyone to feel independent, regardless of age and ability. Our automobile products promote stress-free traveling by making it easy to get in and out of the car.

Mobility isn’t just needed in a vehicle, living independently includes mobility in your living space. Our EZ Fold & Go Walker is a favorite solution for around-the-home mobility. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and allows the user to walk through doorways and tight spaces with ease.

Helping the one you care for have the knowledge and tools to be independent is important to us and we know it’s important to you. What are some of your concerns in helping the one you care for be independent? Leave us your questions in the comments!

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Jan leads by example. She wants everyone who she works with or comes in contact with to live an abundant life.  She is a major advocate of dreaming big; to her anything is possible.  She is on the front lines everyday with her teammates, making things happen.  When we go to a tradeshow, Jan is always spearheading the way, setting up the booth. Most CEO’s wait until the show is setup before arriving but not Jan; she isn’t afraid to do the dirty work.













Jan lives by the philosophy that having a good company culture where employees love coming to work is vitally important. Her employees are paid abundant salaries, and given bonuses based on the growth of the company. This empowers the employees at Stander to work hard, but more importantly take ownership in their role with the company.



Everyone at Stander has nothing but respect for Jan Miller, please consider her for this prestigious award, no one deserves it more than her.

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For those who lack mobility or fear falling, a walker is often the first and most important mobility aid purchase. For those who are losing mobility or who lack balance, walkers provide a wide and solid base that facilitates walking and minimizes the risk of falling. In our experience, caregivers will face two important challenges as they help their loved one transition to life with a walker or rollator.

The first challenge

Unfortunately, first time walker users can be hesitant and even upset at the thought that they may need the assistance of a walker to move around. To these individuals, a walker or rollator can signify a loss of independence and can even be embarrassing.  Convincing your loved one that he or she needs the assistance of a walker or rollator can be a huge hurdle.

Be patient, let them know you only want what is best for them…and give them one of these:


My sweet land lady, Iva Lou, is almost 93 years old. She has been alone in her home for more than 30 years. Iva Lou is a very independent person that takes a great deal of pride in the fact that she is self-sufficient even at her age. When I first met Iva Lou she used a cane to help her balance as she moved around the house. It was apparent that despite the help of the cane, walking had become a challenging burden for Iva Lou. I quickly suggested to Iva Lou that she use a walker to help her move around the house.  While not excited by the thought of using a walker, Iva Lou reluctantly agreed and allowed me to bring her a walker. This was a small step that has allowed Iva Lou to regain her confidence and sense of safety at home.

The second challenge

Walkers and rollators come in all different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Some have 2 wheels, some have no wheels, and some come with 4 wheels. There are hundreds of brands, models, and price points that make finding the right walker a challenge for any caregiver. Finding the right walker or rollator can be intimidating and frustrating for caregivers.


Factors to consider when buying a walker are:

Size: Will this fit my loved one comfortably and will it fit through hallways and doorways. Most walkers and rollators are wide and have limited adjustments

Weight: Will my loved one be able to pack this around?

Wheels: Does my loved one need a walker with or without wheels?

Appearance: Will my loved one be satisfied with the way the walker looks in public or around the house?


Stander’s Solution

Finding a balance between stability, portability, and affordability can be an all but impossible task. Luckily, Stander Inc. from Logan, Utah has re-invented the walker to include the highest degree of stability and convenience in a lightweight, foldable, and attractive walker.


The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker by Stander weighs less than 8 lbs. and folds up 4x smaller than your average medical grade walker. This unique patented folding design makes it easy to store in the car, shopping cart, or under the table at the restaurant. Despite the lightweight frame and ability to fold, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker supports up to 400 lbs! Its height adjustable frame accommodates users from 4’10”- 6’8”.  The EZ Fold N’ Go walker comes with 6” swivel wheels to help you walk smoothly over any surface. Best of all, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker comes in three attractive colors to match your loved ones personality and style.













After giving Iva Lou her Regal Rose EZ Fold N’ Go Walker she couldn’t believe she had gone this long without one.  Iva Lou loves the fact that that this walker is so lightweight and easy to take with her in her car and at the grocery store. She also loves the fact that her girlfriends are now jealous of her sleek new walker that makes their bulky rollators seem frumpy and out of date.





The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker offers an all in one solution for those caregivers who are having hard time deciding which walker is right for their loved one.  Because of its attractive design, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker can also aid caregivers in convincing their loved ones to give walkers a shot. In every way the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker is the perfect solution for the great walker dilemma.






-Written by Kyle Johnson


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