Summer means lots of travel, we all know that. But traveling can sometimes be a pain especially if mobility is limited. Here are a few tips for traveling with seniors:

1. Make sure a doctor has approved it. If there are major health risks then don’t go. Make sure all activities planned will be enjoyable for the senior.

2.  Keep in mind their limited mobility and be ready with back ups. Don’t be afraid to scale back a vacation.

3. When traveling with a loved one with dementia keep a routine daily for them. Don’t change things up too drastic from a home schedule. Recognize signs of distress early to keep them happy.

4.  Look for senior discounts! There could be a perk because Grandma and Grandpa are coming with you.

5. Try to schedule non-stop flights to and from your destination. This eliminates a lot of walking and changing that could cause discomfort or stress for an individual.

Good luck this summer and hope your vacations turn out great for all involved!

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One of the best parts about summertime is all the time we have to relax and read books. Here are some great ideas for senior citizens who need a good read this season.  

1. ALL PASSION SPENT by Vita Sackville-West
This is a good book for the elderly, especially women. The main character is an 88-year-old woman who gave up her dreams for her husband and children. After her husband died, she made decisions that gave her new discoveries and realizations about her life. 

2. A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY by John Irving 

The story is about strong friendship, and belief in God. This is a good book for senior citizens interested in spiritual matters. The two major characters, kids in the year 1950’s and 1960’s, are also something that many elderly folks can relate to. 

3. DEAF SENTENCE: A NOVEL by David Lodge

The story is about a retired professor in his mid-sixties who suffers from a hearing impairment. Apart from deafness, other problems arise. This is a must-read story for elderly folks because it will surely make them laugh.

4. MRS. QUEEN TAKES THE TRAIN by William M. Kuhn

This book has the Queen of Great Britain as the main character, but the major events that happened in the story are all fantasy or fiction. It may appeal not only to the elderly folks, but also to those who are interested in the monarchy. But, old folks would enjoy the book because the story is not at all heavy, and it is a good book to read to pass the time.

5. SEIZE THE DAY by Saul Bellow

This book is for people who would want to read a serious book that focuses on life’s drama. It is a classic novel first published in 1956 and received positive criticisms. From the title itself, ‘Seize the Day,’ it might appeal to the older folks, as it may inspire them to reflect back on their life when they were younger and seize each day that they are still able to embrace and experience.


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Bathrooms can be a dangerous place, especially for those with limited mobility. Bathrooms often have wet, slippery surfaces and sharp corners of countertops can cause a lot of damage during a fall. Poor muscle strength and balance is a challenge that is often associated with a higher risk in the bathroom. A senior who has fallen before may be at an even greater risk for fall-related injuries like hip fractures and even spinal cord injuries.

Bathroom safety features are an important precaution. Consider these options:

  • Grab Bars – Slip-resistant grab bars in the right places can help support balance on the toilet or when entering and exiting the shower or tub.
  • Tension poles – a great alternative to grab bars. Our security pole and curve grab bar offers the best of both worlds and is super easy to install.
  • Non-slip mats – non slip mats or decals on the floor of the shower or tub can help everyone feel more stable on the wet surfaces in the bathroom. We also recommend having a non-slip rug on the floor outside of the tub.
  • Clean up – nothing to install here! Simply a recommendation that you keep your bathroom clean. Less dust, water, etc. makes less slippery surfaces – always a plus.

What do you do to keep your bathroom safe?

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close up of senior woman hand with pills

Modern medicine has done many wonderful things for our world and can be helpful in many ways. However, it’s important for everyone to be aware of their medicines, the possible side effects, and to notice anything that might go wrong. Here is some great advice from an article on

Older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers may encounter challenges when taking medications. Resolving these problems can lead to much better results from medicines. Consumers and caregivers must alert their doctors and pharmacists to any difficulties they have taking medications, including the following:

  • Memory: Difficulty remembering to take medications. The pharmacist can provide a variety of special pill boxes or other aids that re-mind a caregiver and senior to take medications. The devices range from low-tech, such as simple containers with compartments labeled for meals and bedtime, to high-tech, such as containers that beep when it’s time for a dose, or a special bottle cap that counts openings of a prescription bottle to tell if the day’s doses have been taken. For those with severe memory impairments, caregivers are key to the proper administration of all medicines. In addition, some aging-related service organizations offer medication reminder telephone calls for older persons with memory problems.
  • Vision: Difficulty reading labels on prescription labels and over-the-counter products. Pharmacists may be able to provide prescription labels in large print. Health care providers and caregivers can read the information on over-the-counter products for consumers with vision impairment. Magnifying glasses may also be helpful.
  • Hearing: Difficulty hearing instructions from health care professionals. Ask doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to speak louder and/or write down important information relevant to the safe use of medications. Caregivers can also be “the ears” for seniors with hearing impairments.
  • Dexterity: Difficulty opening bottles, inability to break tablets, problems handling medicines such as eye drops, inhalers for asthma and other lung disease, and insulin injections. These problems are common for people with arthritis and certain types of disabilities. Large, easy-open bottle tops are available for prescription medicines. If a prescription dose is one-half tablet, the pharmacist can split the tablets for you. Caregivers are key to assisting with the administration of eye drops, inhaled medications, injections, and other dosage forms that require fine motor skills. Again, pharmacies can provide instruction sheets on administration of medicines.
  • Swallowing: Difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. Many prescription and over-the-counter products are available in a variety of dosage forms such as a liquid, skin patch, or suppository, greatly reducing difficulties associated with swallowing. Ask your pharmacist about alternative dosage forms.
  • Scheduling logistics: Scheduling many different medications throughout the day. One of the greatest challenges for older persons and caregivers is working medication schedules into daily routines. Special pill boxes and other aids, described above, can help. It’s essential that older people and caregivers devise a plan for medication administration that fits their daily schedule. For example, meal times or bedtimes can be used as cues for scheduling medication if mealtimes and bedtimes are regularly scheduled. Doctors and pharmacists can assist in developing a plan to best suit your daily schedule.
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We love to receive feedback from our customers. It’s always helpful to know how we can improve our products and we especially love stories of how our products have improved people’s lives and made it easier to be independent. Here are some of our favorite recent reviews:

I ordered my husband a folding walker a few months ago. The front wheels were swivel and very wobbly and would throw him off balance. Stander sent stationary wheels, we put them on and he feels a lot safer.
Thank you Stander customer service.
The swivel wheels should removed from the market, they are too unstable. – Kim

I received my third security pole and curved grab bar today. They make my Dad’s life so much better!! – Greg

I just got the car caddie for a friends 92 old Mom. She gets around pretty good, but getting in and out of the car has always been an issue. Now with the car caddie she can get in and out of the car by herself. What a great idea! So simple, but works great! – Will

Which product have you tried and what do you love about it?

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Spring is a great time to clean your home. The idea of “Spring Cleaning” has become much of a tradition around the world. Having a clean home in the spring helps to get rid of the dust and dirt that can collect in the winter when mud is often tracked in and the windows stay sealed tight. Regardless of the time of year, cleaning your home can benefit a lot more than just the esthetics of the house. Cleaning is helpful for the mood, hygiene, and even the health of those living in the home.

The spring season can introduce many allergens from plants and trees and even pets. Dusting often can help keep the indoor allergens from getting out of control. While moving things around to dust, we also suggest taking the opportunity to de-clutter and organize. Maybe there are some books you can get rid of, a side table that can be donated to the thrift shop, and even clothes that aren’t used any longer. Having less clutter in your home can help clear your mind and is an important part of fall prevention.

Senior adults with limited mobility may need assistance with their spring cleaning. This can be a great activity for their family to help out with and a great opportunity for an act of service from neighbors and friends. You can help the home owner to feel independent and involved by including them in the cleaning – especially the de-cluttering part. They will want to be involved in those decisions and it can be a great opportunity to hear their stories and memories.

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Here at Stander, we have a product for every need – and mobility solutions for every part of your day! Some products overlap, of course. The EZ Fold-N-Go Walker is lightweight and portable so it can be used in any room of your home!

Use any of our great bedrails to help you get up and on your feet and reach for your Fold-N-Go Walker next to the bed. Once you’ve made your way to the kitchen, the Fold-N-Go will help you get back and forth from the fridge to the stove to prepare yourself a healthy morning meal.

We have great bathroom products that can help you feel secure in all of your bathroom needs. One of our top-sellers, the Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar, can be used anywhere in your home but is especially great in the bathroom.

Running Errands:
Of course, you’re going to want your EZ Fold-N-Go Walker again, and you’re also sure to love having a Metro Car Handle Plus to make getting in and out of your car silky smooth. The handle simply slides into the striker/door-latch for extra support while sitting or standing.

Time to relax:
When it’s time to take a break, you’ll find that you love our living room products. The Assist-a-tray offers help getting up and down and a tray that is perfect for sudoku, snacks, and whatever else you like near you while you kick back and relax. Our EZ Stand-N-Go can help you get in and out of your favorite chair or your favorite place on the couch. You’ll be amazed at how versatile our products can be!

We know there are so many other things you might do in your day and we want to support you through them all! Our products are designed to help you be independent and safe as you live your life. Which product do you think would help you out the most?

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The Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar makes it easy to stand from a couch, bed, or toilet. It’s tension mounted and can be easily set up anywhere in your home. The grab bar rotates 360 degrees, so you can use it in any position you need and easily move it out of the way when it’s not in use.

Cody says: “We had this installed in our bathroom. It is great because we didn’t have to install with screws, etc in tile or walls of the bathroom. We have a large tub and it definitely helps my handicapped wife get out of the tub. We had other items installed in the bath area but this is extremely beneficial.”

Laurie says: “I bought it for my elderly Mom who has balance issues. I bought two of them, one for her bathroom and one for her bedroom. Mom says they help her quite a bit to stand and hold onto something so she doesn’t fall. Thanks for inventing this item!”

Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

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Some have called the kitchen the “heart of the home”. It’s the place where family gathers, where meals are cooked, and often where memories are shared. It’s the easiest place to bring everyone together, but it’s not every day that the whole family is there to help out in the kitchen. Today, we’re sharing tips for how to help senior adults stay independent and nutritious when they’re on their own in the kitchen.

  • Prevent falls: Get rid of tablecloths that might be too long, clean up those old newspapers, and take out that recycling pile. Getting rid of things that are easy to trip on will help to prevent falls in the kitchen. Whether a walker is needed or not, it’s important to have a clear path throughout the kitchen.
  • Organize the cupboards: Put everything for daily use in easily accessible parts of the cupboards and fridge. Eliminating the need for a step stool will add an extra layer of fall prevention.
  • Say no to grease: Elderly skin is more susceptible to burns and skin irritations. Avoid frying and other cooking methods that involve high heats and can easily cause kitchen fires. Pro tip: make sure you keep a fire extinguisher close and in an easy-to-reach location.
  • Stock the fridge: Whatever is easiest to get to/cook will often be the easiest to eat. Help seniors in your care stock their fridge with simple, nutritious items that are easy to prepare. Seniors especially need fruits, veggies, fiber, grains, and protein. Try to help them plan easy meals that involve all of these valuable things.
  • Keep it clean: Help seniors in your care prevent falls and cross contamination by cleaning their kitchen often. Slippery floors can lead to a fall, slippery cutting boards can lead to food poisoning. Keeping everything clean will help simplify all of their activities in the kitchen.


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StanderGB1 StanderGB2 StanderGB3

We are excited to be in progress on our new headquarters in Nibley, Utah! Our new building will consist of 6,000 square feet of office space for our team and 30,000 square feet of warehouse space for our signature home safety products. Our new headquarters will include a photography studio, an open office environment, a basketball court, and a kitchen.

This new building is in line with our overall company mission. In an interview with Herald Journal reporter, Kevin Opsahl, our Founder, Jan Miller, said “The whole purpose about the building is really to help create the dream for anyone growing older to live longer at home and be safe, and to make the load lighter for caretakers. And we’ll have fun while we’re doing it in a nice, new building.”

Nibley city is excited to have Stander joining their fast-growing city and we’re excited to be moving there this fall!

Read the Herald Journal article here:

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