Jan Miller, Fearless Leader

All of us at Stander are deeply saddened to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of our Founder and Fearless Leader, Jan Miller, on Sunday, June 3.

Service details are found here:

Over the past 20 years, Jan molded Stander Inc. into an internationally successful HME
manufacturing and distribution company. Today, Stander is recognized as a market leader, providing innovative and unique Home Medical Equipment solutions, which help people live more safely, comfortably and independently in their homes.

Around Logan, Jan was well known for her community involvement, positivity, and generosity of spirit. And at Stander, Jan was our teacher, trainer, coach, motivator, and role model. She consistently treated us as family and for Jan, the highlight of every year was the company Christmas party, where she got to meet and provide seasonal gifts to her ever-growing Stander family.

The leadership Jan brought to Stander can never be matched by one person. However, she recruited well and taught us even better, so Jan’s vision, dedication and commitment to excellence will carry on. All of our Retail Dealers, their Customers, and Stander’s Stakeholders can be certain that Stander remains committed to quality and Customer Satisfaction – as expressed by our unsurpassed Lifetime Guarantee and Guaranteed Sales programs.

We welcome your questions and comments. Simply call our toll free Customer Service line: 1.800.506.9901


Team Stander

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Jan leads by example. She wants everyone who she works with or comes in contact with to live an abundant life.  She is a major advocate of dreaming big; to her anything is possible.  She is on the front lines everyday with her teammates, making things happen.  When we go to a tradeshow, Jan is always spearheading the way, setting up the booth. Most CEO’s wait until the show is setup before arriving but not Jan; she isn’t afraid to do the dirty work.













Jan lives by the philosophy that having a good company culture where employees love coming to work is vitally important. Her employees are paid abundant salaries, and given bonuses based on the growth of the company. This empowers the employees at Stander to work hard, but more importantly take ownership in their role with the company.



Everyone at Stander has nothing but respect for Jan Miller, please consider her for this prestigious award, no one deserves it more than her.

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For those who lack mobility or fear falling, a walker is often the first and most important mobility aid purchase. For those who are losing mobility or who lack balance, walkers provide a wide and solid base that facilitates walking and minimizes the risk of falling. In our experience, caregivers will face two important challenges as they help their loved one transition to life with a walker or rollator.

The first challenge

Unfortunately, first time walker users can be hesitant and even upset at the thought that they may need the assistance of a walker to move around. To these individuals, a walker or rollator can signify a loss of independence and can even be embarrassing.  Convincing your loved one that he or she needs the assistance of a walker or rollator can be a huge hurdle.

Be patient, let them know you only want what is best for them…and give them one of these:


My sweet land lady, Iva Lou, is almost 93 years old. She has been alone in her home for more than 30 years. Iva Lou is a very independent person that takes a great deal of pride in the fact that she is self-sufficient even at her age. When I first met Iva Lou she used a cane to help her balance as she moved around the house. It was apparent that despite the help of the cane, walking had become a challenging burden for Iva Lou. I quickly suggested to Iva Lou that she use a walker to help her move around the house.  While not excited by the thought of using a walker, Iva Lou reluctantly agreed and allowed me to bring her a walker. This was a small step that has allowed Iva Lou to regain her confidence and sense of safety at home.

The second challenge

Walkers and rollators come in all different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Some have 2 wheels, some have no wheels, and some come with 4 wheels. There are hundreds of brands, models, and price points that make finding the right walker a challenge for any caregiver. Finding the right walker or rollator can be intimidating and frustrating for caregivers.


Factors to consider when buying a walker are:

Size: Will this fit my loved one comfortably and will it fit through hallways and doorways. Most walkers and rollators are wide and have limited adjustments

Weight: Will my loved one be able to pack this around?

Wheels: Does my loved one need a walker with or without wheels?

Appearance: Will my loved one be satisfied with the way the walker looks in public or around the house?


Stander’s Solution

Finding a balance between stability, portability, and affordability can be an all but impossible task. Luckily, Stander Inc. from Logan, Utah has re-invented the walker to include the highest degree of stability and convenience in a lightweight, foldable, and attractive walker.


The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker by Stander weighs less than 8 lbs. and folds up 4x smaller than your average medical grade walker. This unique patented folding design makes it easy to store in the car, shopping cart, or under the table at the restaurant. Despite the lightweight frame and ability to fold, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker supports up to 400 lbs! Its height adjustable frame accommodates users from 4’10”- 6’8”.  The EZ Fold N’ Go walker comes with 6” swivel wheels to help you walk smoothly over any surface. Best of all, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker comes in three attractive colors to match your loved ones personality and style.













After giving Iva Lou her Regal Rose EZ Fold N’ Go Walker she couldn’t believe she had gone this long without one.  Iva Lou loves the fact that that this walker is so lightweight and easy to take with her in her car and at the grocery store. She also loves the fact that her girlfriends are now jealous of her sleek new walker that makes their bulky rollators seem frumpy and out of date.





The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker offers an all in one solution for those caregivers who are having hard time deciding which walker is right for their loved one.  Because of its attractive design, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker can also aid caregivers in convincing their loved ones to give walkers a shot. In every way the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker is the perfect solution for the great walker dilemma.






-Written by Kyle Johnson


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Mrs. Clea has always been a strong and independent woman. For over 25 years she has lived alone in her home. Mrs. Clea, now 90 years old, has had exceptional health that has allowed her to maintain her lifestyle and independence much longer than most seniors. Up until this year she has continued to work every day at her son’s business, maintain her beautiful gardens, and even drive her precious 4×4 jeep wrangler.

One fall can change everything when you are 90. Late last year, Mrs. Clea experienced her first fall in her bathroom. Since that day nothing has been the same for her. Her knees, hips, and joints are in a constant state of pain. She can no longer do the things she once loved.

According to Mrs. Clea’s son David, The most painful part of the whole ordeal may have been getting Grandma to start using mobility products in her home.

“We quickly realized that mom was now in serious need of products that would help her move around the house. One particular area of struggle was getting in and out of her favorite chair. Because she spent so much time in that chair, it was imperative that we found something that could ease that transition for her, without making her feel like she was in a hospital.”


Does this story sound familiar? That’s because the same thing is happening to millions of seniors around the country. Losing mobility and independence is as inevitable as death and taxes. For some it happens gradually over time and for others, like Mrs. Clea, it happens in an instant. Finding products that help your loved ones get around are a dime a dozen. Finding a product that your loved ones will use…..well that’s another story. Luckily for David, he found a product that was effective, attractive, convenient, and most of all didn’t look like it belonged in a hospital.

The Assist-A-Tray by Stander is a couch side standing aid that can be placed next to almost any couch, chair, recliner or even a lift chair. Its handle can be used to help your loved one out of their sitting position, or help them balance as they sit down. The Assist-A-Tray also has a bamboo tray that can be pivoted 360 degrees and used for a dinner table, laptop tray, or book table. The product was designed with neutral brown and black colors to blend in with your furniture and décor.

Mrs. Clea started using the Assist-A-Tray a few months after her fall. She uses it to get out of her favorite chair, eat her meals, and read her much loved books. When she is not using the tray she simply swings it out of the way and uses the handle to boost herself out of her chair. It has become an essential part of her day to day life. It has been a huge help in allowing her to re-gain the independence she had for the previous 25 years.




Simple products like the Assist-A-Tray from Stander have made all the difference in Grandma Clea’s recovery from her fall. While she may not be able to do all of the things she once loved, she can now live comfortably, safely, and independently in her own home thanks to the Assist-A-Tray.




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The Problem

For seniors and those who lack mobility, falling is an all too common occurrence. These falls can have devastating impact for seniors regardless of when or where they occur. The dangers of falling have been well documented over the years. According to learnnottofall.com:

  • 1/3 of the population over the age of 65 will fall each year
  • Those who fall once are 2 to 3 times more likely to fall again
  • 55% of all falls take place inside the home
  • 47% of non-injured fallers cannot get up without assistance.



When you consider the fact that many falls go un-reported or un-noticed, these numbers are even more staggering.  Fall prevention has quickly become a top priority for caregivers and independent seniors across the nation.

The Current Solution

After a fall, caregivers and independent seniors face a difficult decision of modifying their home or moving to a safer environment.  Both options can be extremely expensive and time consuming. For those that choose to modify their homes, permanent wall mounted grab bars are the most common way to help seniors prevent falls. While these types of grab bars provide solid support for seniors, however they come with several downsides.

  1. Wall-mounted grab bars are confined to walls. They are only able to provide support if the person using it is in very close proximity to a wall.
  2. These grab bars generally require a permanent installation. That means drilling, screwing, and more often than not patching.
  3. Grab bars can quickly make a warm home feel like a hospital.


Seniors or those who are at risk of falling need support in the bathroom, in the living room, the bedroom or any room where they may be moving around.  They want their homes to be warm and inviting. After all there is a reason why most seniors don’t want to live in a care facility.  Mostly, seniors don’t want to spend their hard earned money on expensive modifications to their precious homes.

The New Solution


Given their lack of options in fall prevention safety products, seniors often feel like they must settle with unsightly and impractical grab bars.  Fortunately, there is a new solution from Stander Inc. Stander has created a one of a kind tension mounted grab bar that can be placed anywhere in the home. Unlike traditional grab bars, The Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar can be mounted in the middle of a room without any screws, drilling, or permanent installation. It can be placed next to the toilet, shower, couch, or bed. Its curved grab bar makes it easy to transfer from a sitting position to standing or getting out of the shower. The grab bar also rotates 360 degrees so that you can move it out of the way when not in use. Perhaps the most important feature of the Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is its look and feel. The steel grab bar has comes in both black and white and was designed to keep the home feeling like a home and not a hospital.


Fall prevention doesn’t have to mean home modification. The Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar provides the safety and assurance of a grab-bar anywhere in your home, and it does it with an attractive look that will blend into your home.  Before you spend thousands on home-modification projects, consider the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar as your fall prevention go to product.

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The problem

Hundreds of thousands of elderly adults fall out of bed each year, and many seriously injure themselves. According to the CDC more than 1.6 million were treated in emergency departments because of falls.



Common solutions the Good and the Bad

Bed Bolsters

These are foam-padded body-sized pillows that you put on both sides of your bed to prevent rolling off during the night. The problem with these cuddly contraptions is they are not a sure bet to keep you from falling out of bed. Also, if you need extra support getting in or out of bed, these are too soft to add any real mobility support.



Cheap Medical Device Bed Rails

As you can see in the picture below, this is a classic example of a poorly constructed bed rail. It looks out of place in the home, does not add sufficient support, and worst of all is an entrapment hazard!


Stander’s Solution


The EZ Adjust Bed Rail

Stander Inc. has created a revolutionary product to prevent bedroom falls and restore mobility to people’s lives. The EZ Adjust Bed Rail extends in multiple lengths from 26” to 42”, providing complete fall protection.

See why Caregivers communities are supporting our bed rails, click the “Products” tab at the top of this page and then click on “Bedroom” to see our bed rails.





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According to medical professionals by the time you start to feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated! 


Watch for mild, moderate, or severe dehydration symptoms before it’s too late. The most common signs of dehydration are:

Dry or Cracked Lips















Dizziness or Lightheaded 






Dry/Cotton Mouth 













Dark urine 









Tips to keep you or a loved one hydrated:


Tip 1: 

You are much more vulnerable to dehydration when dealing with any stomach illnesses, vomiting and other ailments cause you to lose lots of fluids. What makes this situation worse is usually people don’t feel like drinking anything when dealing with these ailments, but even if then you should at least take small sips of clear liquid. Another great option is ice pops, and who doesn’t like those?!





Tip 2:

If you are planning on doing something active or strenuous make sure to drink plenty of water beforehand. Also, it is recommended that you drink every 20-30 minutes while exercising or doing other physical activities. Bring along a water bottle and another thirst quencher like Gatorade to replace the salts your body has lost through activity.





Tip 3:

Dress for the weather! You want to make sure that you’re not sweating in excess of what is necessary to keep you cool. If it’s a hot or humid day, wear lighter clothes.


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2014 Has been a very successful year for us, see our list of major awards below!




The Creative Concepts Award went to Stander (www.stander.com) for its camo-drenched “Hunt for Cash Sales” theme. The award recognizes all-around creativity, including booth design, marketing message, pre-show marketing, and social media.  Justin Kohler, direct account manager at Stander Inc, believes the company earned the prize because they took a risk and stepped out of the box to try something new. “We have come to realize that recognition comes to those that go the extra mile and give buyers something to get excited about,” he says. “We believe that our booth should reflect the personality of our company and our products. We are innovative and evolving with the market and we want our booth to express that. Our products have the same effect in showrooms across the country. We got a lot of smiles and raised a lot of eyebrows. It wasn’t uncommon for us to hear that our booth was refreshing or awesome.” Kohler has already made plans to exhibit at Medtrade Spring, scheduled this year for March 30-April in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.


– See more at: http://www.medtrade.com/news/general-healthcare/Who-Took-Home-the-Hardware-in-2014-2118.shtml?utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=47690923&utm_term=8333315&utm_content=#sthash.EN1jmo85.dpuf




Utah’s Fast 50 award is a very prestigious honor for up and coming businesses, only those with an unwavering commitment to succeed through adversity and economic uncertainty are awarded.

We are very proud of our team and all the hard work they have put in to creating an excellent experience for our customers. Stander boasts being one of the most innovative medical equipment companies in the U.S. with products never before engineered with such care and attention to detail.

Click here to check out the article Utah Business did on us:

 Utah Fast 50 Growing Companies 2014







Our high selling Metro Walker did very well at Medtrade Spring, people love the innovation, lightweight design, and fold up technology for easy storage.

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Elderly relatives can be very difficult to shop for, keeping their needs in mind as you shop will ensure that the gift you choose will be appreciated and well used. Here are some simple gift ideas that help maintain their independence.


K-Cup/Single Serving Coffee Brewers

Most seniors won’t drink an entire pot of coffee a day and because of this there is a risk they will forget to turn off their machine after use. Respectable brands like Keurig make excellent single cup coffee brewers and provide a wide variety of flavored K-cups. The coffee itself is perfectly brewed in just under a minute and makes a generous cup.

What makes these machines so great is that they are not limited merely to making coffee! The machine safely holds a small source of hot water which can be used instantly to make other hot flavored drinks like tea or hot cocoa, as well as make soups, oatmeal, instant mashed potatoes, etc.

The top brands are Mr. Coffee, Keurig, and Hamilton Beach.



Power Shovel

Seniors are at a much higher risk of injury during the winter months with activities like storm debris removal. Too much overexertion in those conditions can be very dangerous and lead to exhaustion, fatigue, and a much higher risk of falling. The beauty of a power shovel is that it literally is a lightweight version of a powerful snow blower! Your loved one can easily use power shovels to clear their walkways and driveways during the snow covered winter months.

Along with the power shovel be sure that they owned a good pair of gloves, hat, and scarf. It is extremely important for the elderly to stay warm and protect themselves from the cold air. If they don’t have those items consider getting a set of those as well or going in on these presents together with another sibling or relative.



Memory Journal

These journals are a wonderful gift for any elderly loved ones; especially those of them suffer from a dementia related illnesses like Alzheimer’s. The journal is the perfect place for them to write down any of their memories as they come to them. Then from time-to-time they can relive those memories through the journal and never forget some of the best and most significant events in their lives. Those memories are the story of their life and it will also help keep family traditions alive and family stories can be retold.

As an added touch get it engraved!



Personalized Mugs or Cups

Anything that is both a usable item and is personalized can make a very promising gift for elderly loved ones. Personalized mugs are great because it’s a warm beverage holder most elderly will use during the winter time and it also has a memory attached to it. Make sure the photo you pick to put onto the cup is recent or has a significant purpose to their life.

Comforting gifts like this that are used on a daily basis hold more meaning than you realize!


Good luck with your shopping, hope you enjoyed the tips. Post comments!





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Family obligations are causing many people to quit their jobs in order to take care of a loved one. Because of this an increasingly important question people are asking is “can I get paid to care for a family member as a family caregiver”?

People that quit their jobs and pay out of their own pocket to take care of a loved one are saving government agencies and insurance companies billions of dollars! We know you work so hard to take care of your loved ones but the sad thing is there aren’t very many programs that pay family caregivers.

Let us point you in the right direction:

1. Company Caregiver Programs.

Before quitting your job see if they are caregiver friendly! Some companies may allow you to work part-time or are flexible with your schedule depending on needs. If not be aware that under the Family and Medical Leave Act you are entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year. Speak with the HR department where you work before making a decision.





2. Department of Aging Services.

Every state should have one of these departments with programs to provide assistance. Some of these programs will even provide financial support through stipends and reimbursing medical supplies. Find your local department and see what they have to offer!




3. Special Condition Organizations.

Private organizations like the American Cancer Society or Alzheimer’s Association sometimes provide caregivers support. Each organization is different with its own set of requirements for aid, but it’s worth looking into!




4. Guardians of Disabled Children.

If you are caring for a disabled child that is not biologically yours you may qualify to become a subsidized guardian. The neat thing about this program is it provides financial support to you as a caregiver and keeps the disabled child out of the foster care system. Contact a social worker for more information.




5. Long-Term Care Insurance for In-Home Assistance.

Shop around for long-term care insurance, some of them will pay for what they deem as “in-home assistance needs”. However, be aware that these policies are rare and usually exclude paying anyone living in the household. So if you are contemplating moving into your loved one’s home you may want to get in touch with a local insurance agent first to see what your options are.




6. Government Agency Support.

Medicare will not pay for any in-home care or adult type services so your best bet will be Medicaid. The amount of support to caregivers by Medicaid depends on what state you live in. Contact a local Medicaid office to find out what options you have. If the office you are contacting does not respond try the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services.




7. Local Counseling Programs.

Again these programs depend on what state you live in, we have compiled a small list for you:

Texas has two programs: Community Based Alternatives (CAB), and Department of Disability and Aging Services (DADS).

California: In-Home Support Services.

Idaho: Certified Family Home Services (CFHS).

New York: Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP).

Don’t live in any of those states? Contact Caregiver Homes to see if you qualify for support.




8. Veteran Benefit Services.

Besides the many wonderful services the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides did you know they have specific programs to support family caregivers? They provide support for in and out of home needs, click the link to go directly to their website: http://www.caregiver.va.gov/support/support_services.asp







9. Aid Pensions.

Both veterans and their spouse are qualified for additional pension money if they require in-home health aids or other professional health assistance because of a disability. http://www.caregiver.va.gov/support/support_services.asp







10. 9/11 Veteran Support.

If you are caring for a veteran that served post 9/11 you may be qualified to receive one or more of these: monthly stipend, health insurance, counseling, and special care. Also, you can add up to two additional secondary family caregivers besides the primary caregiver that can also receive support!







11. Cash Assistance and Food Subsidies.

If none of the above suggestions worked for you then contact the Department of Welfare for your state. You might not get the same amount of aid as the other programs but you may receive food subsidies or some cash assistance.







12. Caregiver Tax Deductions.

Providing for a loved one can be difficult, especially if you are doing it full-time without a pay check. In order to claim your loved one as a dependent on your taxes you must be paying for more than half of their basic living expenses every month. If you don’t qualify for that then see if you can deduct their medical expenses from your taxes. We recommend speaking with an accountant first to see what your options are.







Retrieved from: http://www.thecaregiverspace.org/paid-family-caregiver/

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