Our Inspiration


"I founded Stander because I want you to be free, I want you to feel safe, and I want you to live life without restrictions…  

That’s what I wanted for my Grandma Essie, and since then, our mission is to invent innovative mobility aids that you will love using! Because in the end, it’s the journey that matters, and to live a life without limits is the ultimate freedom...  


Jan Miller

Our Story

Shortly after Essie’s 90th birthday, her physical health started to decline - and daily tasks like standing from her couch, bed, and car became quite difficult.  

At the time (1997) – there weren’t many tools to help Essie with these tasks; and in effort to help my grandmother age comfortably - I teamed up with my husband, Troy (a Rocket Scientist Engineer), and created a few “furniture-like” mobility aids to help Essie stand without ruining the comforting feeling of her home.

And for the first time in years – Essie felt confident in her mobility

Now Essie had the confidence and support she needed to live independently; and she continued to live in her home 7-years longer than we ever expected.

 Stander Today

Thanks to all the support and feedback from our customers, we've created over 40 innovative mobility aids and we continue to grow every year! We employ the best and brightest engineers and our team is committed to listening to your needs and inventing products that make life easier. Together, with your feedback and our inventions, you can Be Independent! 





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